[bogue1] Cars pass over the Red Cedar River on the Bogue Street bridge.

[wharton] The pedestrian bridge leading to the Wharton Center provides a scenic walkway for patrons.

[grafitti1] A staple on campus, the underside of the Farm Lane bridge is covered in grafitti art.

[grafitti2] A view of the Farm Lane bridge from nearby Erickson Hall.

[admin]Students walk over the bridge that connects Wells Hall and the south side of campus to the Administration Building and northern campus.

[lib] The underside of the bridge leading to the library.

[sparty] This bridge, near the Sparty Statue, boasts scenic views of the Red Cedar River.

[kell] A bridge leading to the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center.

[kellogg] Another bridge connecting the Kellogg Center to campus.

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