[boys] A group of boys getting ready for a soccer game at Meskel (Millenium) Square in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Because the country uses the old biblical calendar, they are just now in the year 2000.

[dance] Dancers at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant in Addis Ababa. The dancers performed several different dances, each representing a region of the country.

[injera] A traditional Ethiopian meal: injera topped with several types of meat and served family-style in a basket.

[monkey] Many species of monkeys roam free at the Sodera Hot Springs.

[waterfall] The Blue Nile Falls are fed by Lake Tana in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. We had to climb up a mountain side to reach the secluded falls.

[man] A man taking his wares to the Saturday market in Bahir Dar. The villagers take these papyrus boats across Lake Tana to reach the market.

[sunset] The sunset over Lake Tana.

[girl] A young girl from the peninsula off Lake Tana. Young children are often in charge of carrying water from the lake to the village in order to be boiled.

[hut] A traditional home in the village of Lalibela, Ethiopia.

[kids] Young children in Lalibela.

[me] Enjoying the scenery surrounding Lalibela.

[church] One of the many rock-hewn churches in Lalibela. These churches were carved in the 11th century out of a single piece of rock.

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