Spring is finally here! You have spent months huddled in cold dorms and apartments, only braving the cold for class and the occasional party. You are ready to wear flip-flops and throw a frisbee around – even if it’s only 55 out. Unfortunately, with spring comes finals, and we’re all going to need an extra boost to keep us focused, or, more appropriately, awake. This iced espresso is not only low on calories (so you can excuse a diet consisting solely of Cheetos and Dairy Store ice cream), but it is packed with the lifeblood of finals, caffeine, and is also guaranteed to cool you down. So instead of feeling guilty for your despicable diet during finals, you can just feel guilty about not spending enough time at the library. Enjoy, and happy spring!
Courtesy of Mayo Clinic
Serves Four
2 cups brewed decaffeinated espresso coffee, cooled
2 tablespoons golden brown sugar
1 1/2 cups fat-free milk
2 tablespoons sugar-free almond syrup
Ice cubes
1 cup fat-free whipped topping
1 teaspoon ground espresso beans

In a pitcher, combine the espresso, brown sugar, milk and syrup. Stir to mix evenly. Refrigerate until cold.
Fill four glasses with ice cubes. Pour coffee over ice. Add 1/4 cup whipped topping to each drink and sprinkle with ground espresso beans.

Nutritional Analysis (per serving)
Calories 91
Cholesterol 2 mg
Protein 3 g
Sodium 61 mg
Carbohydrate 20 g
Fiber 0 g
Total fat 0 g
Potassium 177 mg
Saturated fat 0 g
Calcium 92 mg
Monounsaturated fat 0 g

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