This May, thousands of MSU students – myself included – will walk down the aisle, clad in their caps and gowns, and receive their college diplomas. Many of them will exchange their backpacks for briefcases and leave the campus of MSU far behind. They’ll move out of their cramped college apartments and move into a tiny cubicle. But before the sentimental – and often dreaded – jump to the “real world,” most seniors will relish their last few months at MSU. Personally, I know I will spend these next few months making the most of my dwindling college experiences. This photo essay chronicles the top ten things all MSU students should do before they graduate.

[ducks] 1) Feed the ducks along the Red Cedar River
As the weather begins to warm, sitting on a bench along the river and feeding the ducks is a great, relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

[play] 2) See a show at the Wharton Center
The Wharton Center for the Performing Arts has a variety of plays and musical performances throughout the year. On this particular day, finance sophomore Allison Matthews and journalism sophomore Joe Vaillancourt walk to their performance with the MSU Campus Band.
[munn] 3) Ice Skate at the Munn Ice Arena
The MSU Hockey Team is not the only group allowed on the ice at Munn. In fact, the arena offers public open-skate nights periodically throughout the year. The schedule can be found at

[garden]4) Walk through the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden
Each spring, flowers can be seen in full bloom at the W.J. Beal Botanical Garden, making a peaceful setting for a walk or rest under a tree. Surrounded by trees and shrubbery, the garden offers a quaint escape from the bustle of campus.

[court] 5) Tailgate at the tennis courts
A group of friends gather for a tailgate picture. Although the change in tailgating rules that occurred several years ago keeps many students away from the tennis courts on game days, it is still a great place to tailgate for the 21 and up crowd.

[bridge] 6) Check out the “graffiti bridge”
Known for its diverse art, the graffiti bridge is a must-see on the MSU campus. On winter days, ice often makes the bridge inaccessible, but the graffiti can still be seen.

[gym] 7) Go to a sporting event
While most MSU students can say they have been to a football, basketball or hockey game, many other sporting events on campus serve as exciting spectator sports. Women’s gymnastics is just one of the many sports that competes at Jenison Field House during the winter and spring.

[kiss] 8) Kiss at the Bell Tower
Considered by many one of the most romantic spots on campus, the Bell Tower is a famous spot to kiss – or even get engaged!

[band] 9) Listen to the band practice at Demonstration Field
Best saved for a warm fall day, laying in the grass at Demonstration Field and listening to the band practice is a good way to rev up your Spartan pride.

[sparty] 10) Get a picture with Sparty
Finally, your time as a Spartan is not complete until you get your picture taken with Sparty. Marketing senior Nikhil Gehani and journalism senior Stephanie Moran are decked out in their Spartan gear for a photo shoot with their favorite mascot.

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