At The Big Green, we strive to put together comprehensive, well-written feature stories that spark interest, create debate or just make our readers stop and think about a topic in a slightly different manner and perspective. Our readers are the major vehicle of our magazine’s existence, and the editors want to hear your thoughts. If you need a clarification, have an objection or just find something that tickles your fancy, we want to hear about it. Here are the contact addresses for the 2007-2008 editorial staff…e-mail away!

Jessica Sipperley, Editor in Chief
Cara Binder, Managing Editor
State Side, Arts & Culture
Kim Bale, Managing Editor
Global View, Sex & Health
Trisha Poling, State Side Section Editor
Katie Sulau, Global View Section Editor
Nicole Nguyen, Arts & Culture Section Editor
Lexi Biasell, Sex & Health Section Editor
Megan Sistachs, Photo Editor

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