[spare]A good workout is to play frisbee. A group of guys play a fast-paced game of frisbee outside of Yakeley hall.

[spare2]Hospitality business sophomore Carey Rose and international studies sophomore Margot Crouch enjoy a night at the Tigers game.

Sometimes it is better to just have peace and quiet. Studio art sophomore Alison Tilma reads a book by the Cedar River.[spare3]

[spare4]Journalism sophomore Megan O\’Neil holds her breath as she pulls the next block out of the Jenga game at Bubble Island.

[spare5]There are many good Sushi restaurants here in East Lansing. A group of friends gather at Omi Sushi House to enjoy good food and some laughs.

[time7]Communicative sciences and disorders senior Laura Karasinski enjoys to learn what is going on in the world by reading The State News.

[time8]Starbucks is an awesome place to get some reading done. Business sophomore Kathryn Simpson reads a good book at the Grand River Starbucks.

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