Hello TBG readers,
Welcome back! Another school year is well underway, and that means it\’s time for a brand new volume of The Big Green. We have a staff filled with talented writers, photographers and designers. My editorial staff is proving to be incredibly helpful already, and we are striving to bring the MSU community a quality publication every month.
Although we weren\’t writing over the summer, I have been working on TBG business since July. As a registered student organization, we have rather limited funds, and we need to apply for funding or do some kind of fundraiser if we would like to do a special project. Last year, that was our print issue: a huge accomplishment and another avenue for our magazine to find its way into the East Lansing community. The editorial staff was so proud of the strong content, classy designs and smart layout that I decided we should do it again, and I set out to get some financial aid to help our cause.
Last year\’s editor-in-chief, Ashley Symons, directed me to Campus Progress, an organization that funds progressive student publications at college campuses across the country. I sent in an application and crossed my fingers; I received the opportunity for a phone interview and talked about the strengths of our magazine; then, I waited. The wait was well worth it; when my inbox lit up with an e-mail from the campus publications associate manager, Thomas Coen, I was thrilled. Our magazine has received a $2,000 grant to use toward the advancement of our magazine; in this case, a print issue is in the works to be released next spring. This grant has given us a base to start our project: we can revamp the content, get more staff involvement and obtain additional funds.
You will notice that our site will always have a Campus Progress advertisement. I encourage you to visit the Campus Progress site, and check out the other student publications. Now, TBG is linked to a national network of publications, and the net of potential readers has been cast over a much larger area. In addition, some of our stories could be published on the Campus Progress site, giving more press time and well-deserved credit to writers, photographers and designers.
As always, if you have any feedback or opinions about any of our feature stories, feel free to send us a letter. We love to keep in touch with our readers, and I want you to help us improve our magazine. Look forward to the release of the print issue next spring; I know the whole staff is excited about the chance to take our stories out of the realm of the Internet, onto glossy pages and into your hands.

Jessica Sipperley

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