[snowy]In spite of the snow and cold, these two students manage to enjoy winter\’s beauty.

[none]The moon rises over Valley Court Park in East Lansing.

[berries] Red berries, white snow, and blue sky on a brilliant winter day.

[building]A quite moment just north of Burcham Drive.

[sunset] The stillness of a winter sunset can warm up any chilly day.

[iceice] A recent ice storm in East Lansing had even the ordinary objects looking beautiful.

[river] Snow-draped branches line the Red Cedar on this chilly winter morning.

[moo] Some Lansing locals soak up the sun and blue sky.

[porch] You need not do more than step out your back door to find a perfect winter scene.

[grand] Grand River bustles with evening traffic.

[golf] Is it the world\’s largest golf ball or just a really good macro camera lense?

[bird] A cardinal snuggles down on a branch outside the MSU library.

[girl] Snowmen building, anyone? This youngster explores the fresh snow outside the Peanut Barrel in downtown East Lansing.

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