Condom companies are finally asking, what do women want?
[condoms]\”Women are buying condoms at a faster rate and are sharing the responsibility of buying condoms with males,\” said Kimberly Liss, the Durex Condoms brand manager. Liss said she believes the result is from a change in female persona over the past couple of years. “Women have to protect themselves, but they might as well have fun doing it,” she said.
Every year, MSU students walk down Grand River Avenue and receive free giveaways from sponsoring stores and companies. This year, students collected clear plastic bags with aspirin, tea and, of course, condoms. In front of the Student Bookstore at 421 E. Grand River Ave., students received free gender-specified giveaway bags. Males received Trojan ENZ condoms and females received Elexa condoms, which are made by Trojan but marketed for female enjoyment.
“I would say I prefer Elexa,” elementary education junior Jessie Miilu said. “Sex is great for a guy no matter what. You never hear about a guy not being able to climax during sex. Granted it\’s a lot easier without a condom, but still. So if the guy is willing to use a condom directed towards females and it enhances the experience for the female, then I would definitely choose Elexa over Trojan ENZ.”
Despite the recent push in advertising, many consumers are ignorant of the differences designed into the various types of condoms. Condoms like Elexa were created after extensive research and female study groups – the result being a condom made for her. To profit from this newly-popular demand for condoms, Durex has created Her-Sensation condoms. The difference between Her-Sensation condoms and other brands is that the ribs are arranged at the head of the condom in a unique pattern in order to stimulate the clitoris, while most other condoms have evenly arranged ribs. Trojan also produced Her Pleasure condoms that include a bulbous head for him and lubrication to stimulate the female.
And what about that latex smell? Durex Her-Sensation condoms are created to minimize the smell of latex with a scent of berry lubricant made to appeal to women. These condoms are purposely aimed toward a female market and are designed to help women enjoy sex, and – gasp – maybe even orgasm. “I guess as long as there was no difference in protection I would definitely use them,” hospitality business junior Mo Hughes said.
In the past, the subject of sex seemed to have been kept behind locked doors, and it has been argued that sex was for procreation, not for pleasure. In our current day in age, women talk about their good, their bad and their not-so-pretty sexual experiences with friends as if the topic of sex was a delicious recipe. With the sex taboo gradually lifting, women are more compelled to take control of their own sexual lives and safety, including the purchase of their own condoms.
For any men who are embarrassed about buying a box of Her-Sensation condoms, companies like Durex are still attempting to maintain sexual harmony by creating genderless packaging so that men will be able to purchase female directed condoms without blushing.
Women dominate the population, and companies seem to have jumped on the bandwagon to profit from the consumer market. Generation X said that it wasn\’t love without a glove. Generation Y says that glove is best scented and lubricated.

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