We’ve heard the familiar lyric, The touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives. This lyric has been heard throughout media outlets for years, but can now be thought of as something that changed and enriched lives. In this sense, Cotton is enriching the lives of a community in Louisiana.
Cotton is the fabric of our lives, literally, and is used daily whether we think about it or not– most likely not. Many cotton balls, swabs, cosmetic puffs, sheets, khakis and even denim are made from cotton. Yes, even denim is made of cotton.

The local chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is partnering with Cotton Incorporated to help bring Cotton: From Blue to Green©. To help bring cotton from blue (denim) to green (to help save the environment), Cotton’s Dirty Laundry Tour Denim Drop will come to Michigan State University’s campus on September 19 from 9-5 p.m. on Auditorium Field to collect as much denim as they can.

For each pair of jeans you give, they’ll give a $5 coupon off your next purchase of denim jeans at the Buckle stores. As a university, our goal is to collect at least 500 pairs of jeans from now until September 19. We are collecting old jeans, jean skirts, jean shirts, jean jackets and anything else made of the product. They can be holey, discolored, pink, orange, purple or green, as long as it is denim.

The Cotton’s Dirty Laundry Tour Denim Drop began in September of last year and has toured college campuses ever since. This year we are lucky enough to have them here. This Dirty Laundry Tour Denim Drop will be the next big thing to come to MSU’s campus since Chingy, and it’ll make you feel a lot better giving back to a community in need, rather than a rapper’s needs.

Cotton Inc. and Advance Baton Rouge, a company based out of Baton Rouge, La., aims to promote changes in public education. They have partnered together to build a new school for the children affected by Hurricane Katrina. How so? Since cotton is a natural, renewable and recyclable fiber, the jeans you donate will be turned into UltraTouch natural cotton fiber insulation by Bonded Logic. This insulation will then be used in the construction of a new school in Baton Rouge. In the same way cotton products keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, this insulation will do for this school.

With the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina just passing by, take time to think about donating a pair of jeans to those who need your support. Your holey, discolored, stained jeans can now help someone else who needs your “favorite” pair better than your dusty closet.

The day-long event will be filled with many games and prizes, ranging from iPods to backpacks to hats to free music downloads.

From now until the September 19, the PRSSA committee team will be circling campus with flyers, donation boxes and even a guest appearance in one of your large lecture classrooms. Please donate your jeans!

Feel free to e-mail questions to me at mccrosk2@msu.edu or check out Cotton’s website for more information on the September 19th event at www.accesscotton.com.

Make the fabric of our lives the fabric of someone else’s community.

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