[one] It’s not just the students who are busy studying for finals! The bees have more than their fair share of work to do with all the bright, colorful flowers all over campus.


That’s not the Red Cedar River! A duck seems to be confused, or maybe the fountain is just cleaner than the river. The fountains all over campus were finally turned on due to 70-plus degree temperatures.


Beaumont is a sight to be seen in any season. And the duck is still confused why the river is still nowhere near.


Tulips brighten up the Hannah Administration Building.


Even with the brightly-colored tulips, this student still doesn\’t notice the nice view of spring. That\’s technology for you…


You can tell it’s spring with everyone out and about. Students enjoy the warm weather in the courtyard by the Student Services building whether they’re biking to class, walking to meet friends for lunch, or getting a start on that great summer tan!


Flowers are popping up all over East Lansing this time of year. Their bright sunny colors create the perfect background to enjoy a drink from Bubble Island or a burger from The Peanut Barrel.


Put your boots and fleeces away and break out the tank tops and flip flops to enjoy the warm spring weather!


Students take a break between studying for finals to soak up the sun and warmth. On the banks of the Red Cedar is the perfect place to relax in the beautiful weather. Two students were even brave enough to dip their feet in to cool off!


Mary Jean Jackson, and daughter, Shannon, stroll through the gardens as they visit MSU for the day. Shannon will be attending Michigan State in the fall.

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