Before heading out into the streets, Dr. Maybank offered words of inspiration to volunteers from Dr. Marting Luther King Jr.

Hundreds of volunteers marched with Into the Streets in honor of MLK Day.

At the American Red Cross, students were responsible for taking enormous boxes of pasta and portioning out smaller amounts for the Red Cross food bank.

Students and faculty members from a number of different organizations started at Beaumont Tower in the afternoon and marched throughout campus to promote MLK Day.

Organizations including the Multi-Racial Unity Living Experience (M.R.U.L.E.) took part in the event and ended their march at the Rock where group members and figureheads took turns speaking to the crowd.

Each participant filled out an evaluation sheet for the site and Into the Streets in order to keep future years as helpful and enjoyable as possible.


President Lou Anna Kimsey Simon spoke at the third annual MLK Day dinner to address the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

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