One word comes to mind when thinking of the white, easily erasable boards stuck to the wooden doors throughout campus dorms: RANDOM. You can always count on seeing haphazard doodling, phone numbers from hook-ups and pictures when walking down any dorm hallway. Then there are the occasional messages to friends, inside jokes and even amazing artwork. Campus is loaded with white boards of different shapes and sizes, with funky magnets and stolen markers. And you might not notice the artistic talent found carefully drawn upon many of the doors in residence halls, unless you were actually looking for them. In our case, we were looking and this is what we found:
[ishbu]Alexandra Bahou and her roommate Iva Basic write inside jokes on their boards. To a passing bystander the messages mean absolutely nothing, most would be completely lost reading their messages. The words “Good morning my sexy Ishbu,” is a good place to start. To the ladies at 273 Mason, there is a story behind the white board’s door.
“I hop in the shower and don’t really have time to dry my hair so I flip it over my head and tie a towel around it,” Bahou said. “My roomie makes fun of me cause she thinks I look like Ishbu, but she thinks I’m a dead sexy Ishbu, hence the white board message.” If you wanted to understand this message, I guess you’d have to Google what an Ishbu is or just walk into room 273 after Bahou gets home from tennis practice to see for yourself.
[christmas]At the end of fall semester, it was common to see exam schedules, snowflakes, Christmas trees or presents on boards. Kristen Winkel went all out with her white board in honor of the holidays. Usually the board has, “random messages telling people where we are,” she said. Winkel and her neighbors had a door decorating competition with a few other women on her floor. “None of us can draw so my neighbors helped,” Winkel said. Although Winkel’s board did not win, she still had fun with the competition.

[cow] Along with the random holiday messages and final exam schedules comes the occasional…cow? The girls at 134 Phillips Hall began this school year by stating a simple sentence on their white board. This sentence then grew into a continuing message and picture combo. “It started with ‘holy cow Corey look at the weather\’,” Corey Borisch said. Then the cow was drawn. “Now we change [the words] to any general announcement about school, weather, etc.” This fun white board keeps Phillips Hall on their toes wondering what the next cow will look like or say.

[monday] On Mondays during the semester you might find this saying on many of the white boards.

[huge] Now this is not something you see everyday: a life-size, homemade white board. Meghan Querro found white contact paper at the local Meijer and thought it would be fun to plaster her whole door with whiteness. When she first found the white contact paper she wanted to incorporate it into her room somehow but thought “what better place than the door?” So that is where the contact paper landed. The whole board is dry-erasable and she finds a lot of people enjoying the large amount of space to write messages on. “It’s pretty sweet,” Querro commented. “But I don’t leave markers out because people steal them.” If you want to leave Querro a message, sorry to say, you’ll have to bring your own marker.
There are also the creative (or broke) people on campus that make their own “white board” out of cardboard. Hey, it gets the job done.

Alas, the white board provides our campus with a chuckle, a quizzical look while passing or even a creative outlet – and we\’ll keep our eyes peeled for what new lifeform they\’ll take on next.

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