Gentle Reader,
I hope as you’re reading, you’ve noticed some changes in the magazine from our earliest days and even since our evolution into a monthly publication. Each issue we’re trying to do a better job at bringing stories to you that are actually interesting and worthwhile, something not so easy to do if you ask me. We’ve come a long way, and the hard work is finally beginning to pay off. I’m starting to feel like I know you, so I’m returning the favor: here’s a bit about me, my necessary madness, and all the strange goings on as 45-or-so of us put this thing together for the love – and the hell – of it each month.
I do not have an iPod. But I edited the story and wrote the headlines as though I did, going along with the ruse. The truth is I am quite un-cool and have never, even once, pledged anything to an Apple.
-Allisence Chang wrote a great letter to the president about the homeless population around campus. She’s brave with her wit and it’s a thoughtful, irreverent piece as always, but the only reason it came about in the first place was so I could see my friend Willie’s name in print. If only he could read it from jail, which is where I fear he’s headed…
-OK, yes, you’ve got me. In-gym-idated is a less-than real word. And all right, it’s a little hokey, but come on — that shit’s priceless.
-Speaking of priceless, ‘I Fee Dead People.’ Thank heavens for Michael Evans. He’s quite possibly the funniest Sex & Health Editor we have.
-A fun game to play in this issue: Where’s Tommy? Count the number of times Tommy Simon appears in this issue in a photo or in print and you win a year of my salary. It’s a total coincidence too…really.
-We really did find Madame Zostra in ISS 215. That kinky old bag.
-The story I wrote in this issue is a creative non-fiction piece and is actually quite personal to me, so if it sucks I would really appreciate it if you did not use too many expletives when alerting me.
Lastly, it might come as a surprise, but we here at The Big Green work hard (for beans) and care (desperately, really, my therapist tells me I have self-acceptance issues) about being a student publication that’s good enough for you. So let us know how we’re doing.
And this could be the beginning a beautiful, albeit clingy on my part (I’m in a 12-step program), friendship.
All My Best,
Sarah E. Hunko

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