Since November is Native American Indian Heritage month, we decided to display photos from Indigenous Peoples Day on Oct. 10. The Native American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO) broke silence barriers last month as they marched on campus to the rock and rallied against a history of oppression and exploitation. These photos were collaborated by The Big Green staff in an attempt to convey the importance and strength of Native American cultures.

Political science junior Ashley Harding walks along side fellow NAISO members during the indigenous people’s march to The Rock.

International studies senior Shanthi Nazareth looks over a flyer promoting a traditional, yet female drum event.

Refusing to be silenced by oppression, three Native American girls stand in protest with posters draped around their necks serving as symbols of the struggle through which their ancestors have fought to survive.

Student Affairs graduate student Fina Alvarez takes part in the protest against Columbus Day and injustices done to her culture.

Drum performers playing near The Rock during the rally.

NAISO members painted The Rock as a reminder to never forget the struggle of Native Americans throughout history.

The American Indian Studies Program (AISP) at MSU is sponsoring some events this month:
Nov. 1, Nokomis First Tuesday Lecture
Nov. 1, NAISO Speaker AIM
Nov. 8, Reading Qwo-Li Driskell and Daniel Heath Justice, 4 p.m. in the Iowa Room (Union)
Nov. 9, NASIO Speaker Butch Elliot
Nov. 9, Nokomis Wikongiwin, fall feast, 6:30 p.m.
Nov. 10, NAISO Native dinner at Holmes Hall, cooked by Carol Mejia
Nov. 12, Dance Showcase, Ojibwe language Pow-wow at Erikson Kiva, 1-6 p.m.
Nov. 16, NAISO speaker, Loretta B. Orden, Native chef
Nov. 17, NAISO speaker, Bucko Teeple, Michigan Indian Treaties
Nov. 29, NAISO speaker, Dale Old Horn, Crow history, Native rights

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