Traipsing through campus.

A group of guys were found playing football in the courtyard near West Circle. During the warm weather, many students were seen foregoing homework and venturing outside instead.

Winding trails and tall hanging lanterns are often found in a 19th century novel, but the sidewalks of MSU offer a chance to stroll down a favorite Dickens or Austen story without leaving East Lansing.

Beaumont Tower is a must for scenic photographs, since those taking the picture need only to look at it and aim; the tower’s beauty does the rest of the work.

The new addition to the already-large Spartan Stadium towers over the trees surrounding the area. It is a site of much controversy, ranging from a non-visable Sparty (unless you are, of course, paying a lot of money) to the question on everyone’s mind: to drink or not to drink.

Bikes litter the courtyard near Wells Hall. Biking offers many pastimes to students, whether in the exercise form, or the amusement of watching colliding bikes, and the sudden shame that you laughed at such an accident.

The Red Cedar

Leaves dirty the always-clean river that runs through the middle of campus. The Red Cedar River will be the site of the Homecoming Parade this year, as floats will take water form and float on.

Two students catch up on reading while enjoy the crisp, fall air and golden yellow rays.

MSU should look into narrowing the class load down to one per semester. Then, students could actually enjoy the weather while it lasts, and catch up on their sleep in actual beds.

Shades of Autumn

Chlorophyll? More like Bor-ophyll… And I still have no idea why the leaves change color when summer ends.

It’s sad when cornstalks dry up, taking the sweet summer corn away for the year. We can find solace by cutting the area up to form a corn maze, just in time for Halloween to approach.

This leaf would look lovely pressed inside of a book, surrounded by wax paper.

Let the candle burn. As the days get shorter and the nights longer, lighting a candle outside gives a nice warm glow, in case you feel like writing that paper of yours on the porch.

Watch Out, EL! The students are back…

This red party cup, hidden among the fall foliage, is the perfect photograph for a Sunday morning on Charles Street.

East Lansing’s trash services can now fulfill their wishes to make beer case hats, thanks to the plentiful student drinking population.

Not a parking ticket! The parking Nazis, ahem police, won’t let anyone off the hook. Wait until after 6 p.m. or the weekends to try parking on campus…

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