It’s a mysterious phenomenon. During the winter months, there’s not much activity outside. Students venturing beyond the warmth of their dorms and apartments tend to move with a determined purpose; they can be seen on campus walking to class with their heads hung low. [spring2]
They stare at their boots as they begrudgingly plod through towering drifts to class and desperately wish, as they battle the elements, class could be cancelled—just this once.[spring1]
With the onset of warm weather, however, students still wish for that unlikely class cancellation, but for an entirely different reason. As their professors drone on about the history of modernism, or the conjugation of the French subjunctive, they gaze out the window at the bright optimism of some much-needed sunshine.[spring5] [spring6]
That warm weather gets here and “bam!” — MSU comes alive again. It’s not the paltry individuals and pairs trudging to class, but brightly clad groups wandering in a roundabout way to their destination. It seems as though twice as many students attend school here as they pour out of hibernation and assume the position, tanning on the grassy areas alongside dorms or playing in pick-up basketball games. [spring7] [spring8]
The flowers are blooming, the grass is green, people have dusted off their bikes, busted out their rollerblades and the fountain in front of the library no longer looks like an abandoned square of unsightly concrete. Yep, it’s spring at MSU.

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