The sky is blue and it’s the first time East Lansing has seen the sun in what seems like decades… and you have to go to class. And write a paper. And study for finals. Who can concentrate with the birds chirping in your ear and the smell of flowers drifting into your nose? It’s as though the sudden appearance of sunshine has zapped all your motivational energy, at least what little was left. Your inner procrastinator has come out in full force, along with the daffodils.
Emily Cannon knows exactly what it feels like to succumb to the lure of the great outdoors. “I feel like as soon as it gets nice out, everybody comes out of the woodwork,” the social work junior said. “There’s been numerous occasions when I’ve been sitting in my room and I hear everyone playing outside, and I have to go, too. So school just kind of takes the back burner in the spring.” I know very well the strong temptation of outdoor beer pong, but it doesn’t exactly help you pass classes. Here are some tips to build your spring fever resistance skills:
• Take time to get active before hitting the books. Go for a run, rollerblade or take a walk to go get ice cream. The activity will motivate you to be productive – well, maybe. It might make you want to stay outside all day, but at least it’s worth a shot.
• Study outside. It’s a great way to absorb the atmosphere and focus on that psychology homework you’ve been putting off. Katie D’Avanzo, human biology junior, likes to read outside by the Union. “I like to sit in the fresh air,” she said. “The sun makes me feel happier and makes me want to be active.” Some advice: don’t sit too close to easy distractions (i.e., the basketball court where the guys (or girls) are playing a pick-up game).
• If you can’t stand being reminded of the gorgeous weather, shut yourself in a dark, windowless place to concentrate. A gloomy environment might remind you of a more winter-like time, when you actually picked up a book once in a while, and eliminate diversions.
• If worse comes to worse, have a little fun. Enjoy the nice weather with your friends. Soon everyone will scatter, whether to different homes for the summer, or to different places after graduation, so make the most of the precious little time you have left together. Besides, this is Michigan – we all know the weather won’t last very long and you can write your 15-page paper when it rains, or, like we saw last weekend, when the ground is blanketed in mid-spring snow.

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