Remember in eighth grade when your one aspiration in life was to be on MTV’s TRL screaming, “I love blink-182 and I just want to give a shout-out to Megan, Jeremy, Jessica, Lis- WOOOOO!!!!” Saturday, April 22, this opportunity could be yours, as MTV U’s Campus Invasion tour, featuring the bands Muse and Razor Light, storms MSU’s campus.
The Campus Invasion tour will be more than just a few-hour concert- it will be an all-day event. It will start in the parking lot of the Breslin Center at 10:30 a.m. where students will have the chance to listen to new music from MTV U, win VIP passes to the concert later that night and even make that coveted dream come true by getting their screaming face on an MTV U camera.
Even if you don’t attain television stardom, you can take home some sweet items, all for free. Several different well-known companies will be at the Breslin Center giving away their products: Nintendo will have a booth set up for students to play new games, Wrigley’s gum will help students design their own custom T-shirts to take home, Herbal Essences will glam up students for the night’s show by modifying their picture and putting it in a frame. In true MTV style, there’s more than just free swag. If walking from booth to booth hasn’t worn a student out, Citicard will have an inflatable rock wall set up and Butterfinger will be offering an inflatable bungee jump. And just to add that little bit more to put the whole day over the top, Ford is giving students a chance to win a new car (if the whole affair feels kind of like The Price is Right, just “Come on down!”).
“Students usually jump at free stuff,” psychology freshman Joanne Kardell said.
[scott] Besides giving away great products, the company sponsorship helps keep the concert tickets low, at $15 each for students, said international relations senior Tahera Sakarwala, the Co-Program Director for the event put on by ASMSU’s Programming Board.
“Students in South Complex will be right there, so they will be able to see all of this outside of their window,” said pre-dental and philosophy junior Scott Howell, the Student Assembly Representative for ASMSU’s Programming Board. Howell recently drove to Grand Valley State University and Western Michigan University to advertise for the concert. He is hopeful and confident the short distance will encourage students to travel from other schools to see MTV U and Muse.
“I think if we get the word out, this event could live up to its full potential,” Howell said.
MSU students may not have heard of Muse yet, but they’ve hit it big in their native United Kingdom and are creating a buzz on this side of the pond. The three-member band has been compared to Radiohead and their concerts have been called a laser light show with music. Sakarwala said, in music magazines, Muse is usually described as the group your favorite band loves.
“The reaction we have gotten from students is either, ‘I don’t know who they are,’ or, ‘I am so excited they are coming! I love them!,’” Sakarwala said.
Regardless of the group’s hype, or lack there of, students are likely to come out just because MTV has parked on campus.
So, for everyone who has been practicing their blood curdling screams and perfecting their shout-out list, your time to shine is here.

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