Sex sells. It’s that simple. J-Lo half-naked posing for her new perfume Britney in a bathing suit on the cover of Rolling Stone – the raucous aspect of sex is the driving force behind pop culture. It’s everywhere, our lives are encompassed by it.
There are a million factors and issues surrounding, contributing to and resulting from it, making it hard to decipher one situation without relating it to another. Modern civilization is utterly obsessed with partaking in wild sex.
The toll upon our country is ridiculous. Feelings of inadequacy, pressure to be sexually active and the shame of not having every inch of your body matching an absurd standard of ‘perfection’ are the prices we pay. They’re all rolled into the same category stemming from three stimulating letters: S-E-X.
The effects of on my peers (and myself) of pop culture and the actions of the glitzy, beautiful people who roll around Beverly Hills is insane.
Young, fiery crotches of America follow these fashion crazes and thus are subliminally agreeing (and advertising) that sex is stylish. We’re blasted with images and brainwashed by the media, which constantly updates us on who and what is cool, and where, when and how we can be cool, too. This club, that radio station, those stores, these clothes, etc.
We are more influenced by our peers and rich people, and we don’t even know where our moral conscience is, because it was eroded away a long time ago for so many of us.
As the scandalous, media-frenzied story goes, Brad cheated on Jen with Angelina Jolie. And they were the most glamorously perfect couple ever. Here’s the real-life scenario: He didn’t mean to bang that hoochie. She was just there and he was really drunk. Oh, and she came on to him. So, fair game, right? But just in case it wasn’t, he lied to the woman ‘he loved most’ about the incident. We’re partying like rockstars, so why not rail like porn stars?
Doesn’t lying about an action, not living up to a limited standard of integrity, make you less of a man? I mean, relationships are built on trust and love. Remember when sex was referred to as ‘making love’? Meaning you would hump someone who held your heart? These factors seem to be part of a long-dead era.
But, ladies, don’t think you’re off the hook either. Just because the media has washed away many of the stipulations that used to go along with promiscuous sex, that doesn’t make it right.
It seems, just because we’re in college, a non-maxed-out Visa is the only V-Card to be proud of having. Don’t get me wrong, sex can be a wonderful thing between two lovers. It’s a release – a way to connect with your honey on a different level — it’s enjoyable and fun. These are all true benefits of sex. When it’s just two (or more) people fulfilling their erotic fantasies for the hell of it, I feel the strong connection that is supposed to be present to make this roll in the hay something amazing and special is destroyed. There is a reason for doing the deed other than for personal enjoyment. Strong emotional attachments, and love, should be tied to it.

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