Playing doctor isn’t just for kids anymore. But they could be the result.
Sexual role-playing is more common than one might think. Behind closed doors, lovers turn into teachers and students, doctors and patients, librarians and patrons, and these kinky characters may be just what you need to spice up your love life.
[one1] “A lot of times people find it to be exciting,” Christie Schulz, an employee at Priscilla’s novelty store, 3205 W. Saginaw in Lansing, said. “The thrill of being someone or something different allows couples to use their imagination sexually.”
Acting out a fantasy with a partner may provide various elements of flattery, excitement and the feeling of being swept away. However, initiating the idea to your partner may be difficult.
“My ex-wife and I used to be into role-playing because we were both adventurous people,” 38-year-old Del, who asks his last name not be revealed, said. “Now that I’m re-married, I would never even think to mention the idea to my wife. She would not have any part of it.”
According to Dr. Barnaby Barratt, a licensed sex therapist in Farmington Hills, “[R]ole-playing can be good or bad in a relationship. It depends solely on the couple who is partaking in the experience.”
Role-playing isn’t just kinky, it can also be a healthy change of pace for couples.
“Most of the time, the quietest people are the freakiest people in bed,” Schulz said. “For them, the ‘behind closed doors’ setting allows them to be themselves and act out their fantasies.”
[two2] However, before you and your partner jump right into this form of alternative sex, make sure you talk about it. Both you and your partner need to be comfortable with what you are going to do. Set boundaries to clear up any confusion that may come during the heat of the moment.
Once the stage is set, costumes can be found at local adult entertainment shops. For instance, Priscilla’s has a wide selection of playful toys and outfits.
“The most popular outfits we have here are the school girl, the maid and the cat,” Schulz said. “Men love the school girl the most. It makes them think of ‘good girls gone bad.’”
Eric, an accounting senior who would like his last name sealed, said he would not be up for role-playing antics during sex. “I don’t know if I would ever feel comfortable dressing as someone else. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I would laugh the whole time.”
Apparently, he won’t be dating Lindsey Sikora, a psychology junior at Oakland University, anytime soon. “My boyfriend loves it when I pretend I am his babysitter,” Sikora said. “It gives him a feeling of being altogether naughty. He likes it when I say ‘It’s bedtime.’”
[three3] Some couples may not be into the idea of completely changing identities in bed but might have other fetishes. “It can indeed help a relationship, but it can also interfere,” Barratt said. “Again, it depends on the couple, how they have organized it and what they are doing.”
There is absolutely nothing wrong with experimenting with different forms of sexual play, provided both of you are content with them. In fact, bringing new fundamentals into your sexual relationship can actually improve your connection and make it healthier. It might sound like something from an adult film, but you’ll never know unless you try. Besides, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

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