This is you: emerging, fresh out of winter hibernation, from the depths of your cluttered room, opening up the blinds and realizing that the weather is beginning to change and you will once again be able to go out into the world and exercise your budding, collegiate social life.
Arise, oh lethargic one! The University Activities Board has prepared just the thing for you. Get ready for Sparty’s Spring Party.
[sparty] Sparty’s Spring Party has a line-up for the diverse campus to keep even the pickiest partier involved and excited. For the athletic types, there is a three-on-three basketball tournament, both a women’s bracket and an open bracket. The grand prize for the winning team in each bracket is a trip to Las Vegas. There is also an Electronic Arts’ Games March Madness Playstation 2 tournament for those finger athletes and gamers. The registration for both tournaments runs through April 13 with applications available in the Student Alumni foundation.
If you’re not one to play games, be them physical or electronic, fret not, because the festivities do not end there. There will also be a Ferris wheel, rock wall and gladiator joust, open volleyball and Frisbee, a caricaturist and Sparty’s Challenge featuring Zeke the Wonder Dog.
All of this activity might make you work up an appetite, but free food, including cotton candy and ice cream from The Parlor, will be provided.
Once evening begins to descend upon Demonstration field, Sparty’s Spring Party will be turned into an all out rock-and-roll venue. The concerts will feature the new school rock of The Donnas, the skate-park favorite The Starting Line and the indie rock heartthrobs Mae (in case you missed them last month). Also performing will be the opening band Armor for Sleep.
“The Donnas are catchy and Mae is good, so I am interested,” James Madison sophomore Casey Forquer said. He says he will most likely turn out for the concert, since he missed Mae last time they were on campus.
“I really like the UAB,” says Forquer of the party’s hosts. “It’s neat seeing all the events going on and all the good bands.”
UAB Special Events Organizer Rachel Bomeli says that UAB exists to “provide an alternative activity (to partying) for MSU students both on and off campus.” Bomeli thinks that the organization is important both to the students who are attending the events and to the students behind the scenes.
[rachel] “I love being a part of UAB,” said Bomeli, who began working as a UAB volunteer the fall of her freshman year. “I don’t really know MSU without it.”
“My favorite part of programming an event is being able to see the positive response from the students,” Bomeli said. “I think that we are beginning to really understand what it is that students want to see on campus, and we are doing a great job of providing that for them.”
Attendance for UAB events has risen over the last year, supporting Bomeli’s statement as well as her work.
Sparty’s Spring Party will be held April 16, 2005 on the Demonstration Field and IM West parking lot. The event, including the concerts, is free to students. For more information, check out”>

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