My boyfriend recently read a few of my editorials and said “why do you always write about negative things?” At first I was a bit perturbed but then I thought, maybe I have been a bit pissed off lately. So throughout the week, I took an inventory of some things that made me smile…

1. Rain drops on Roses and Chocolate Easter Bunnies…- There’s nothing like receiving a chocolate bunny and a love note from your mom on a dreary day. The bunny is still sitting on my desk because it’s way too cute to eat.

2. John Stamos- Although, the new show “Jake in Progress” isn’t the most sophisticated creation in the world, Uncle Jesse is sizzlin’! It’s good to see his hot ass back on Primetime and luckily without the old mullet.

3. Sex and the City Re-runs- On Tuesday and Wednesday nights, SATC runs on TBS. Although I have seen them all, they are still SO GOOD. Boys, you can even watch it too… and please take notes.

4. A compliment from a stranger- I love receiving a compliment, especially from a stranger. I have only learned to accept compliments in the last few years, because I use to be one of those girls that would deny a compliment, blush and act like a moron. Thank God, I’m done with that phase.

5. Starbucks- The atmosphere at Starbucks is so serene. As I sat people watching with my Rice Krispie treat and Café Mocha on Tuesday, I realized life is grand! Its amazing how a little sugar buzz from Starbucks can change your whole perspective on life.

6. 55 degree weather- Well, it’s officially summer; so fabulous to see all you Spartans back in shorts. I counted four pairs today as I was jogging on Grand River. I even saw a Spartan donning a speedo! I love Michiganders!

7. Green and White- The women’s basketball team and the men’s have advanced to the Final Four. As a former basketball player and a true MSU fan, I am truly proud to be a Spartan!

It is too easy to get caught up in the negatives in life. Step outside your box, compliment a stranger, read a trashy magazine, buy yourself a new outfit or just try smiling.
And don’t worry, I’ll be back next week…I’ve got some more complaining to do.

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