So you’d like to catch a piece of the film festival, but you don’t want to choose randomly from the wide array of selections? Here’s a breakdown of the major films by genre: foreign language, romance, drama and documentary. Like many independent films, expect the unexpected with titles such as “Threads of Belonging” utilizing all improvised performances or “Blue Skin,” a film devoted to the art of tattoo. Choose from your favorite category and enjoy the festival. For more information about the East Lansing Film Festival or any of the films listed below, see the ELFF’s Web site:

Foreign Language
“The Sea Inside” (Spanish), Saturday 1:30PM
“Kamchatka” (Spanish),Wednesday 7:30PM
“Borders” (French),Saturday 4:00PM
“Seducing Doctor Lewis” (French), Saturday 6:30PM
“The Tunnel” (German), Saturday 9:00PM
“Brothers” (Danish), Friday 7:00PM
“Behind Enemy Lines” (Hebrew and Arabic), Saturday 6:30PM
“Father and Son” (Russian), Saturday 4:00PM

“Headrush,” Saturday 6:30PM
“Little Kings,” Saturday 9:00PM
“Stranger than Fiction,” Sunday 4:30PM

“Threads of Belonging,” Friday 9:30PM
“Wit” directed by Mike Nichols, director of “Closer,” Saturday 1:30PM
“Down into Happiness,” Sunday 12:00PM
“Pearl Diver,” Sunday 2:00PM
“Tarnation,” Friday 9:30PM
“Solitude,” Sunday 4:30PM
“Sleeping with the Enemy,” Saturday 6:30PM

“Blue Skin,” Saturday 6:30PM
“The Future of Food,” Saturday 1:30PM
“A Tribe of His Name,” Saturday 1:30PM
“A Whale of a Tale,” Saturday 9:00PM
“Z Channel: A Magnificent Obsession,” Friday 9:30PM
“Trudell,” Friday 7:00PM
“Plagues and Pleasure on the Salton Sea,” Saturday 4:00PM
“Dust to Glory,” Sunday 8:30PM—Hannah Community Center
“Big Enough,”Sunday 2:00PM
“Neighbors in the Square,” Sunday 2:00PM
“Different by Design: Columbus, Indiana,”Sunday 12:00PM
“Picture Me an Enemy,” Saturday 9:00PM
“The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan,” Friday 7:00 PM

Political Documentary
“Parallel Lines,” Sunday 4:30PM
“Professional Revolutionary,” Sunday 12:00PM
“Rush to War,” Friday 9:30PM
“Tying the Knot,” Saturday 9:00PM
Unless otherwise noted, flims are shown at Wells Hall.

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