With a name like Cultural Vogue, it has to be fun. On March 19, the event will kick-off Asian Pacific American Heritage month with stage performances as “one of the quintessential events that allows the Asian-American community to come together and learn about the different diverse cultures all within Asia,” Mandy Ma, nutritional science sophomore and Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO) treasurer, said.
Cultural Vogue is APASO’s bi-annual cultural show showcasing Asian Pacific American (APA) awareness, culture and identity through stage performance, elementary education senior Stephanie Moy, one of the coordinators for this year’s event, said.[quote]
“This event is the major kick-off event for APA Heritage Month,” Moy said. “It not only showcases APA heritage and culture, but it also invites the MSU and surrounding community into its close-knit family.”
With about 130 performers, the show’s attendance continues to grow. In 2003, Moy said about 1,000 people attended and she expects even more this year.
Cultural Vogue began in 1990, when a small group of APA students decided to display their APA culture and talents to the MSU campus. Because the show became a bi-annual event after 1991, this year will be the ninth showcase.
“Cultural Vogue is the most anticipated bi-annual event that APASO puts on, which has all of our affiliate groups showcase both a cultural dance and a modern dance,” Ma said. “People go because it is a chance to see a multitude of APA cultures through song, dance, spoken word, music and fashion all in one night.”
“Both educational and entertaining, Cultural Vogue draws both APA and non-APA community members to its stage,” she said.
Moy said she became a coordinator because she felt strongly about the educational goals of the show, as well as about its strength as a support structure for APAs on the MSU campus and in the surrounding community. Cultural Vogue, she said, pushes for a more diverse world and serves as a support structure for the APA students and audience who attend or perform by bringing together multiple APA cultures under one roof. “I loved organizing this show because I feel strongly for these causes and love the impact our show can have on the MSU and APA community,” Moy said.
[cult1] However, there usually isn’t much diversity in the audience. “More often than not, the majority of students who attend these events are APAs, so it’s like preaching to the converted,” Khanh-Van Nguyen, outreach coordinator for the Asian Studies Center at MSU, said. “But most people are so ignorant of the extensive history of APAs, even APAs themselves, anything is good.”
Nguyen said it’s important to shed light on the history of APAs in America because the community here is large, and they have contributed a great deal to this country and various issues of identity, adaptation and discrimination.
“On the one hand, it’s good to bring attention to APA during this ‘month,’ but on the other hand, and I’m sure people involved with other ‘months,’ such as Black History Month, Latin American Month and Women’s History Month, will agree: why is appreciation of these cultures relegated to just a month?” Nguyen said. “America is the ‘melting pot,’ a country made up of immigrants, yet, certain immigrants’ history are barely, if at all, taught in U.S. history courses.”
Here’s a chance to educate yourself. Seating for the show begins at 6 p.m., with a pre-show at 6:30 p.m., and the show itself begins at 9 p.m. It is free to the public and seats are first come, first serve. It’s entertainment with a cultural commitment, and that’s always in vogue.

For more information on Cultural Vogue, visit http://culturalvogue.sytes.net
For the March APASO calendar of events, visit http://www.localender.com/public/apaso.

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