MSU is experiencing an outrage of worldwide proportions. No, The O.C. has not been cancelled. There are still smiley fries in the cafeteria. The issue is much graver: Prince Charles is remarrying after almost a decade since his divorce with the late Princess Diana. And MSU students are shocked at the matrimonial news.
“I cried the first couple of days,” Anthony Ciolino, advertising sophomore, said. He is not alone in his sadness.
“I cannot find words to express my feeling of sorrow while watching the love of my life find comfort in the arms of a prince,” Brett Tillman, no-preference freshman, said.
[tillman] But after all, the union of these heartthrobs is one of epic proportions. The scandal behind the couple’s decades-long love affair plays out like a Harlequin romance. When Camilla met Charles, she reportedly told him her great-grandmother was a mistress to his great-great-grandfather, so how could a bit of scandalous romance not be in their future? But the fair-haired wild woman married another man, Maj. Andrew Parker-Bowles, seemingly ending the relationship with the next heir to the British throne.
But passionate kindlings between the two aristocrats were sparking outside the inquisitive gaze of the public eye. Throughout the 1980s and early ‘90s, Charles and Camilla continued their relationship in a deliciously secret affair. After a much-publicized admittance to adultery, Charles and Diana split, just as Camilla did a year earlier with her former husband.
But as much as the British, as well as the rest of the world, may start to foster a liking for Camilla after the wedding, “the People’s Princess,” Diana, will always be recognized as a symbol of royalty. “No one can replace Diana,” Tillman said. “To me, there is only one true princess; that position cannot easily be taken from her, even in death.”
“The British will accept Camilla in time,” Dr. Jane Vieth, British history professor, said. “The monarchy has brought her slowly into the public for a reason.”
Besides, the British monarchy has found its own clever way of honoring Diana while simultaneously accepting Camilla. Out of respect for the past princess, “Camilla will be given the title of Her Royal Highness Duchess of Cornwall,” Vieth explained. Diana will always be remembered as the Princess of Wales, so the monarchy bestowed another prestigious title upon Camilla instead.
For those MSU students who see the marriage as a joyous occasion, festivities are surely under way. Erik Adams, journalism junior, plans to “break open a Chardonnay or a nice Merlot” and celebrate with friends that the “U.S. is not controlled by the British commonwealth anymore.”
This marriage could also be viewed as inspirational. The fact that long ago Prince Charles chose the homely Camilla over a comely Diana is a reminder not all men choose beauty over personality. “At this pressing stage in his life, Prince Charles has proved himself to be a man of honor,” Tillman said. The prince has obviously chosen “maturity over beauty.”
[crown] Still, the lovebirds’ disregard for the sanctity of religious marriage is rather inexcusable in some peoples’ eyes. The wedding is under speculation because the Church of England usually does not allow a divorcee to remarry. Ironically, “the [Church of England] was established structurally by [King Henry VIII] who broke from the Roman Catholic Church, so that he could divorce a wife,” Vieth said. Most people find this fact irrelevant, though, because many regulations have become more lax regarding church specifications.
It may come as a shock, but many students are not concerned about the tremors the royal marriage is causing within the Church of England. “I’m a scientologist,” Ciolino said. “So that does not really pertain to me.”
There are many students at MSU relieved that Prince Charles finally may have found someone to match his strong facial features. Make sure to plan your own April 8 celebration, or just join in the large groups of students sure to be gathered around a widescreen at the local watering holes, guzzling beer and cheering when the two say, ‘I do.’ It is undeniable that knockoff Camilla wedding dresses will grace the racks of boutiques in East Lansing within days after the prince and his bride say their vows. One thing is certain – do not miss this wedding of the millennium.

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