Over the next few weeks, we’ll be continuing to make changes, major and minor, to The Big Green’s layout and functionality.
Some of these changes are fixes to tiny microscopic problems that we’ve noticed over the last few months. Others are huge cosmetic changes that help change the dynamic of the site. (If you see the spiffy new headline fonts above, you know what I’m talking about.) Others still are giant undertakings that will add some further functionality to the site — those will take longer, but you’ll see them eventually.
As readers, I want to know what you think — are there any changes you see that need to be made to the page? Is the site about to explode on your computer? Is there some little design glitch that you feel the need to scold me on?
I imagine there are problems with various web browsers, but me and Jeff Greco, the site’s backend coder, have tried our best to make sure the big problems are out of the way. Recent versions of Internet Explorer for the PC and Mac, Firefox and other Mozilla variants, Netscape and Safari should work fine. In fact, if you have Flash, it will work even better without a lot of extra download time.
Our site will continue to grow — the redesign, completed in September, was only the beginning. If these changes make the site stop working for you, please let us know. Send an e-mail to letters@thebiggreen.net and inform us of your problem. We have classes, jobs, the whole kit-and-kaboodle, but we’d still like to be able to help our visitors out as much as possible.
Finally, and I’m sure that the staff hears it more than enough from me, but I’d like to commend The Big Green on becoming one of the essential elements of MSU student journalism. I’m no longer a student — a recent grad, in fact — but I’ve watched this site grow from a speck in founder Beth Desy’s eye into something with continually engaging articles, strong designs, and a real feel for the MSU community. The best part? It only took them two years to get to this point.
Watch out for these guys — they’re going to surprise you over the next few years.

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