For singles and anti-Valentinists everywhere, the beginning of February can provide an alarming realization that a certain holiday is approaching yet again.
[valentine] Mike Miner, a building construction management sophomore, said he is one of those guys who remembers Valentine’s Day ahead of time without any reminders. He even plots out romantic ideas that would make a girl’s head spin, although they never really get used. He declined to share the details of these scenarios because he still plans to use them on “the lucky girl” someday. “This year there is no lucky girl to use my golden ideas on, so I’ll probably just cuddle up next to a nice Busch Light, instead of a bottle of wine and some hottie,” Miner said. “But I’m not a Valentine’s Day hater because it definitely has its uses and can be fun if you make it fun, single or not.”
Miner is not alone, many students have a bad relationship with Feb. 14, but not just because they may be single. Some students are frustrated with the holiday’s link to consumerism. Journalism junior Nick Hurwitch currently doesn’t have plans for the holiday and said he generally hates it. “On one hand, it’s nice to be able to take a day to do something special for your significant other, but that’s something that can be done without the motivation of a holiday,” he said. “The more common result is, Hallmark makes a lot of money and single people are depressed.”
[214] “People get too stressed out and miss the point of just letting people know you love them,” pre-med sophomore Krissy Gavin said.
The “Hallmark holiday” aspect isn’t stopping all students from celebrating the day devoted to all things lovey, pink amd sweet. “It is a Hallmark holiday, but everyone still celebrates it anyway,” pre-veterinary medicine sophomore Jared Parko said.
Still, many remain impartial to the holiday, like political science and history sophomore Nick Romley. “I’m not really doing anything for Valentine’s Day and I don’t really have any feelings for or against it,” Romley said.
Singles can relate to marketing and health promotion sophomore Adriane Little, who is not doing anything for Valentine’s Day. “I like the holiday when I have a boy, but otherwise, I don’t like it because it makes me sad,” she said. Supply chain management freshman Tom Pittman also said he has no idea what he’s doing and that he likes the holiday well enough, but it’s better with a girlfriend.
While Valentine’s Day may seem dead to anyone single, anti-consumerist or apathetic, it can still be an excuse to have a good time. As long as it’s not taken too seriously, it can be a great opportunity to show someone you truly care for them.
Or, as Parko said, we can all enjoy the holiday for what it’s worth. “…We go to MSU, where no holiday is left uncelebrated, if you get my drift.” Sounds good to us.

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