It’s Feb. 13, 11:59 p.m. You’re on your computer talking to your significant other, who is about to turn in for the night. You tell them goodnight and they in turn tell you, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Happy…what? With growing horror, you realize you’ve completely blanked out on what is one of the biggest days for couples. You are short on cash and giving them nothing is out of the question. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?
Don’t panic, all is not lost. Here are some last-minute gift ideas that not only save your V-Day-forgetting ass, but score you some points as well.
1. Make a scrapbook with pictures and messages. Make sure to include where you had your first date and your first impressions. Fill the simple scrapbook with trinkets that you saved from your dates.
2. Make a CD with his favorite songs. You can even add a song that will remind him of your relationship.
3. A picnic is always romantic, but maybe not plopped down in the middle of a melting slush pile. Instead, set up a makeshift picnic inside your apartment or dorm. Lay out a blanket and a basket and maybe even light some candles.
4. Rent a romantic movie. Maybe it’s not the most creative of ideas, but it gives you a chance to cuddle up on the couch and bring out the sensitive side in your guy.
1. Make paper flowers. Why is this a good idea? They won’t die, it’s creative and you can have a variety of different flower colors. It’s simple and easy.
2. Cook your sweetie her favorite dish. It’s a lot more personal than waiting in line for hours just to be stuck at a table in the middle of a noisy restaurant.
3. If you know her favorite candy or snack, make a little gift bag! It will show how much you pay attention to what she likes, not to mention it’s cheap. Don’t just throw the food in a brown paper bag- decorate it with paper hearts or markers.
4. Write a poem. You can make it serious or funny, but either way it shows you care. Poems are a good way to express yourself when you can’t put how you feel into words at that exact moment.
Whether you are broke or just plain forgot, don’t panic. Use these simple ideas to make Valentine’s Day one to remember. Remember, it’s better than nothing and your Valentine will be happy you actually put time into thinking of them on such a special day.

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