Hear that? It’s the whisper of sweet nothings in your ear. You feel the tempting touch of your Adonis incarnate. Or perhaps it’s the amorous look of your Athena. The feather-soft brush of fingers along the nape of your neck sends tremors down your spine; through your toes and, of course, into your loins. It’s not easy being a sex god or goddess, but you’ve got it in you.
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and that means it’s time to work on your “make ’em swoon” skills. Even if you were lucky enough to have been hit with Cupid’s arrow, don’t count on that little cherub for further aid in the god or goddess department. He’s booked this time of year.
[rose2] First of all, you’re hot stuff. You know it. The “URA10” candy heart you’re munching on knows it. Speaking of which, put down that box of sweets; bloating is not sexy. Anyway, the point is, you must learn to exude your inner seductress. Take a look at that sexy self in the mirror, give it a grin, muss up your hair a bit like you just finished taming wild stallions. That’s the trick.
The art of seduction begins with a strut. Practice five to six times before the main event. Just make sure to lock your door; you never know when your roommate could walk in on you prancing around in nothing but a feather boa to Right Said Fred’s “I’m Too Sexy.” But practice makes perfect. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more alluring you will be to all your potential victims.
Physiology junior Lisa Levick knows the “I’m too sexy” secret. She says it’s about “being able to be confident in what you are doing no matter how awkward it may be.”
Now grab a friend and practice talking dirty. Don’t laugh. Communication is critical, says Pure Romance consultant Jean Lee. It’s important to be “in tune with your partner, even if you’re not that emotionally involved outside the bedroom,” Lee said. You should “be able to explore with your partner.”
[quote] Next, take cues from Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally. Maybe you don’t need to do an orgasmic impression in a crowded restaurant, but you get the picture. Betsy Woodward, a communication sophomore, says “making noises lets your partner know you like it, even if it’s total crap, and that gets them going even more.”
Finally, have fun. “It’s more about letting go and being intuitive. It’s all about having fun and not getting too bogged down with the technique,” Lee said. For Valentine’s Day, Lee suggests “doing something spontaneous and a little out of the ordinary, whether it be eating strawberries and whipped cream naked in bed or just including some fun element.”
Now that you look, walk, sound and act like a sent-from-heaven sex god or goddess, there’s nothing holding you back. Kiss your inhibitions goodbye and let your inner Athena or Adonis take charge.

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