Once upon a time, I watched Cinderella and Snow White fall in love with their tall, handsome, gentlemanly princes. Even today, when I watch “The Princess Diaries” movies with my little sister, Disney is still promoting royalty as well-meaning individuals destined to rule in the interest of their people with grace and integrity. As small a part as I understood the monarchy of Britain plays, this concept of royalty still seemes to work. But recently, faced with pictures of Prince Harry’s Nazi-inspired attire, my idealistic concept of royalty’s reign came to an end.
Prince Harry’s get-up, a German military uniform adorned with a swastika armband, didn’t just shock me; it’s a big deal to the people of the United Kingdom, as well. British exchange student Gavin Dawes said such a display “makes them disappointed” and said the incident suggested the British monarchs are abusing their power to have a bit of fun.
Dawes described the British monarchy as a “tradition.” According to him, the older generation of British citizens likes the monarchy much more than the younger generation. He sees it as “a waste of time” without purpose.
[crown] Indeed, gone are the days of the monarch’s power to create and pass laws. The absolute monarchs became constitutional monarchs at the beginning of the eighteenth century and are “bound by rules and conventions and remains politically impartial,” according to the official Web site of the British monarchy, www.royal.gov.uk . Now the Queen’s role in the government of Great Britain, according to the site, is as “Head of State, formally appointing prime ministers, approving certain legislation and bestowing honours.”
However, a small percentage of the British population, between 15 to 30 percent according to online encylopedia Wikipedia, would rather there be no more successors to the throne. The site also notes that “scandals involving the Queen’s children, and a decline in respect for traditional institutions have led to a gradual shift in attitudes over the years.”
I have to wonder if his costume will be one of the “scandals” that will eventually bring an end to the British monarchy. But regardless of his position as third to the throne, Prince Harry’s actions were disrespectful and shameful. The days of Prince Charming are over, and Cinderella best find a more suitable mate—one that does not mock a dark history of genocide and human suffering—in order to ensure her happily ever after.

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