The psychic closed her eyes and rolled a small rock in her hand as she told one student what her future held.
Another student passed on the free psychic reading, shaking his head and muttering that the psychic was complete bullshit.
Believers and non-believers were lined up in the International Center on Friday, January 21 from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. to experience a palm reader and a tarot card reader, and to listen to Greg Hoeflicker present dream interpretations. Hoeflicker has taught dream interpretation for thirteen years. He was a teacher, director and field director for the not-for-profit School of Metaphysics, where he extensively studied and taught the meaning of dreams. He has appeared on dozens of TV and radio programs in Chicago, Kansas City, Tulsa and Dallas.
“My friend just paid $35 for tarot cards, and so when I saw this was free, I decided to check it out,” engineering alumni Anna McCarthy said. “I don’t really believe in this, but the palm reader actually said some really interesting things.”
In his presentation, Hoeflicker stressed that dreams are about you and often involve family and friends. “I think all dreams have purpose…each dream reflects yourself,” he said.
Hoeflicker also said it is a myth that when you are falling in a dream you will die in real life. “Who actually died and came back to tell you?” he said.
Hoeflicker said the most common dreams where you can’t talk or run reflect a situation from the day before where you weren’t fully engaged or “there.”
Most questions from students related to being unable to remember their dreams in the morning. Hoeflicker explained that you don’t remember dreams for the same reason you don’t remember someone’s name: you just don’t pay enough attention.
“Most people think about themselves when they’re meeting someone, like ‘Do I look okay? What do they think of me?’ The same is true with dreams; you wake up and think, ‘Hey, that was weird,’ go into the shower and don’t think anything of it.”
Hoeflicker also said we do have precognitive dreams (commonly called Déjà vu) where you see in your dream what will happen the next day, but people usually don’t remember. “Everyone has the ability, whether you close it off or not,” he said.
The solution to being able to remember your dreams is to keep a journal and visualize yourself having the dream, Hoeflicker said.
Hoeflicker interpreted the meaning of some students’ recent dreams. One student had dreamt of someone who was dead in real life. Hoeflicker said this means the deceased person wants you to know he or she is OK.
When one student asked for the meaning behind a dream where all her teeth fell out, Hoeflicker said many things in dreams are symbolic and food symbolizes knowledge. Teeth chew food and since hers fell out, the student must have been overwhelmed by something she learned and was having trouble understanding it.
Hoeflicker’s visit answered some of our most basic questions about dreams but also brought up many more. Analyzing dreams or experiencing a psychic reading might be “out there” for some people, but keep an open mind.
You never know just how true it could be.

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