This week, as students are settling back into the routine of lectures, dorm life and cafeteria food, there’s a sense that something has changed. It isn’t the frigid weather or excitement of new books burning a hole in our wallets; nor is it the anticipation of a great basketball season. Rather, it’s the all too well-known fact
or not-known-at-all actuality that someone new is watching over us. Through the dull realization that no longer will these letters be addressed to Melville, there is a new top-gun, head chief in charge. Here’s looking at you Lou Anna Kimsey Simon.
As the new president of MSU, you have big shoes to fill. I’m sure that you don’t need me to remind you that moving in on MSU’s 150th anniversary comes with much anticipation. Students’ minds have already formed lists of expectations of you and your staff during this presidency. Not only are you then responsible for fixing all the things McPherson
hadn’t, there is the need for State to be a better and safer place for everyone.
As the first female president of MSU, you not only score well with women’s rights advocates but you bring about a new hope for change. The whirlwind of issues facing you just from the students, not to mention parents,
faculty, staff and board members, include the recycling program, the Worker’s Rights Consortium and the increase of rape cases on campus, just to name a few.
While we look on, wondering what issue you’ll tackle first, I advise you to carefully consider the complaints of your students. The lack of a campus-wide recycling program starting this semester, for example, puts a
burden on not only campus environmental groups but significantly increases the amount of trash produced. Your presidency should fully support a recycling program in all classrooms, halls and dorms. A change in presidency should not be a feasible excuse for a lack of environmental consciousness.
Beyond environmental issues, you must also deal with the morality of sweatshops that produce much of MSU’s apparel. Having not joined the Worker’s Rights Consortium (WRC), McPherson inadvertently supported these controversial stores. Steve and Barry’s on Grand River is just one example of such companies using sweatshops to keep costs and prices low. MSU is only one of two Big Ten universities that have not joined the WRC causing much dissension and questioning of the morality and economic conscience of our school.
On campus itself, the number of reported rape cases has soared this school year. Although organizations stress that the numbers have only increased due to more cases being reported, increased awareness instills fear in both
female and male students. An increased number of reports also show students anticipating your solution to the problem. You should now work with authorities to lower these numbers and not skirt the problem of student rape as you have done during question and answer sessions before the winter break.
These are only a few of the vast number of issues students want resolved on campus. Of course, it will take some time before you feel settled in your position as president, just as it takes time for us to re-adjust to being
back on campus. However, let me be the first to urge you to address these questions as quickly as possible.
On a brighter note, on behalf of all the students, I would like to welcome you as our new president and public figure head. Although you have chosen not to live in Cowles House on campus, hopefully you will still
find it possible to live among the students you have accepted into your university. I’m sure no one would mind seeing you sitting in the Brody cafeteria sampling the infamous cuisine every once in a while.
High X. Pectations

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