Finding a Christmas gift can be difficult for those of us on a budget. And as children we often resorted to making Christmas cards or gifts with popsicle sticks. Well, I’m presenting to you a Do-It-Yourself Christmas gift with a little more sophistication.
DIY: Glittery Snowman Ornament
Step 1: Purchase the following:
A box of four plain glass ornaments, available at JoAnn’s Fabrics for $1.99, a bottle of glitter paint also at JoAnn’s for less then a dollar, a paint brush, available at any craft store for a reasonable price
Step 2: Remove the ornaments from the carton. Open the glitter paint, and dip the brush into
the bottle or squeeze paint onto brush as shown.
Step 3: Paint your favorite Christmas scene or character on the ball and let dry.
Alternative ideas: water down the glitter paint or mix glitter with a clear glue and pour inside the glass ornament and twirl around. Use multiple paints for a marble look.

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