Cafeterias campus-wide served up a global plate last week during MSU’s International Education week. Starting Tuesday, November 16 and ending Thursday, November 18, cafeteria staff exposed students to Italian, Middle Eastern, and Spanish cuisine. On Wednesday, the cafeteria dished up familiar Mid-East cookery, including tabouli, hummus, and baklava, while also introducing students to many other unique Middle Eastern dishes to add to expand the typical college kid’s palate.
Check out this Mid-east sweet, namoura (nah-more-ah). It’s a rich yellow cake with almonds and honey on top. This pleasantly sticky Middle Eastern delight was quite a treat for Marisa Llombart who said, “It’s different than anything I’ve ever tried before, but I definitely enjoyed it.”
This little cookie is called mamoul. The pastry has a traditional decoration on top, but many people are creating their own intricate designs and topping them with powdered sugar. The date or nut-filled pastry is especially popular in Syria and Lebanon. Rachel Buchholz is neither Syrian nor Lebanese, but the cookies were popular with her. She said, “They were delicious.”
Not everyone wanted to eat the Middle Eastern cuisine served on Wednesday, so some students opted for grilled cheese. Even this American dish took on a Middle Eastern twist.
Although the roasted lamb was not prepared by the traditional spit-roast, it was still a popular dish. Whole spit-roasted lamb is said to be one of the Middle Eastern Delicacies.
Is red-skin mash a Middle Eastern dish? Jon Booker didn’t know but said, “I like mashed potatoes.”
The fattuslit salad was filled with pita bread, peppers, onions, lettuce, and assorted spices.
Is it sweet or salty? Everyone had a different opinion about the Lebanese yogurt and cucumber salad that contains plain yogurt, mint leaves, garlic, salt, and cucumbers. Jessica Henderson said, “The salad was good: One bite was sweet, the other salty. Nonetheless, it was interesting.”

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