The Wedding, a novel by popular author Nicholas Sparks, is the story of how one man realizes it’s never too late.
The story centers around three entwined love stories: a new love, a love that has been lost through years of neglect, and love that goes beyond death. Each story culminates in the planning of a wedding. [wedding]
Wilson Lewis has been married to Jane for 30 years only to find she has fallen out of love with him. He realizes that to win Jane back, he must first examine himself to understand why she is unhappy in her marriage. The task of winning Jane back is humbling for Wilson who has a difficult time expressing his true feelings.
Wilson realizes he cannot win back Jane on his own. He looks to his father-in-law Noah for guidance and support. Noah’s story is one of undying unity. He is dealing with the death of Allie, his beloved wife of 50 years. Wilson learns of the great love that was once shared between Noah and his wife Allie and learns that even through death, love and the bond between husband and wife never ends.
The third love story is that of Anna, Wilson and Jane’s oldest daughter, who is getting married two weeks to the day of her parent’s anniversary. Throughout the planning process of their daughter’s wedding, Wilson works to win Jane back and make Anna’s wedding a day of renewal for their failing relationship.
Nicholas Sparks tells a deeply moving tale of the stages of love through a male perspective, a fresh take on the female love story. Sparks points out how easy it is to take the gift of love for granted and how love needs to be nurtured or else it fades, leaving readers to evaluate past, present, and future romance in their life.

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