Imagine 4,000 students in white, taunting and screaming your name, as you attempt to sink a free throw. The shrieks and boos grow with intensity, 4,000 voices blending to create one massive wall of sound blasting in your ear, as you focus on the net in front of you. You throw. You miss. They cheer even louder.[breslin]
The Izzone has always been known for its spirit and enthusiasm, but now, with its growth from 953 elite members to a few thousand, this group of rowdy cheerleaders in the stands has the power to throw its opponents off their game, making the Breslin Center a significant powerhouse with the rowdiest fans in college basketball. “We’ve combined the section to encompass all student seats,” said Frankie Orlando, a political science sophomore and co-director of the Izzone. He said the expansion was mainly a decision by Coach Izzo who felt the section had been slipping. “He is counting on us to make the Breslin Center a venue that is conducive to Spartan victories.”
In order to fulfill the almighty Izzo’s dream, more than just the number of seats has changed. A new voucher system is also being introduced. Each student will receive a “hard seat,” a specific section and seat number, upon entering the Breslin, either in upper or lower bowl. The lower bowl is seated by seniority, the humber of years the student has been a member of the Izzone. The students in the upper bowl do not have priority seating; it is first come first serve.
Not all students are pleased with the changes. “I must admit I was not happy when I first heard of the switch to vouchers,” said current Izzone member Kelsey Kernohan, a secondary education and family and consumer science junior. “However, I have eased up my dislike of them. It seems fair to reward Izzone members who arrive early to the games to have better seating priority.”
But with every change comes controversy. When members arrive at a game, their MSU student ID will be scanned along with their ticket, keeping track of how often the member comes to the games and at what time. This will determine whether or not the student will earn lower bowl tickets for the following season. If a student misses more than two games, with or without a signed sheet from a professor, this student will not receive lower bowl tickets the next season. Instead, the student will be given upper bowl tickets. “People will get to the games a lot earlier. With these new changes, it will encourage great fan support,” Orlando said.
Overall, the feedback from the student members in the Izzone about the new modifications has been positive. Even with mixed views regarding the voucher system, students will still come to support their Spartans with incredible enthusiasm and the usual rowdiness. Nick Reale, a pre-med sophomore and current Izzone member said, “Although I feel that the expansion and voucher system still has a few kinks to iron out, it will be beneficial in the long run.”

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