The leaves of fall have hit the ground and winter is upon us. It’s time to keep those ears toasty with an awesome concert. But how does one properly go about being a concert goer? And what kind of concert goer are you? First, take the quiz below to see what kind of concert attendee you are, then read on for the perfect concert for you.

1.What’s playing in your I-pod right now?
a.The funky, new Prince CD
b.The radio-friendly rock sounds of Maroon 5
c.The dirty-pop sounds of N’Sync
d.Toe-tappin’ Tim McGraw
e.Classic rock from Lynard Skynard
f.Deep, underground music from the Blood Brothers

2.What is your classic concert outfit?
a.Dressed to impress- Knee-high boots and a small mini-skirt or dark denim jeans and a button-up shirt
b.What you wore earlier that day- Casual jeans and Hollister T-shirt
c.Dressed like you hope to meet the band- A new shirt and clean jeans
d.Hoe-down wear- Jeans, a tank-top or white shirt, boots and a cowboy hat
e.Americana- Flag pants, flag bandanas, flag shirts, flag lighters. . .
f.Classic emo- A hoodie with your favorite band’s logo, tighter jeans (for boys and girls), Converse sneakers

3.How do you prep for a concert and how do you wind down afterwards?
a.Eat out at a fairly nice restaurant before and end the evening in a night club or with a movie at home
b.Gather up your group of friends and make sure you hit up the t-shirt stand. Blast the band’s music from your car on the way home and make a pit-stop for snacks
c.Spend 5-hours before getting ready, just in case you get there in time as your favorite crooner exits their tour bus. After, as you are leaving with your crinkled “I heart (fill in the blank here)” posters, wait outside their tour bus again just for a glimpse of their face.
d.Before you hit the dusty trail gather up the whole gang and head out for something to eat. After, take the dirt roads home listening to your favorite down-home tune.
e.Talk to the biker chicks and dudes outside before the show and after grab a drink with your new friends.
f. Loiter around the venue with your hands stuck in your pants pockets. When the concert is over, get lost in a downtown urban area, the only un-poser-ish place for such a concert.

4.What do you like the vibe of the concerts you go to be like?
a.Lots of energy. Sexual energy, that is.
b.Totally rockin’. Everyone dancing, singing, having a good time.
c.Girls screaming like crazy and singing at the top of their lungs.
d.A friendly, down-home feeling.
e.Relaxed, brotherly vibe. Lots of lighters.
f.Soaked with sweat from rocking so hard. And not just your own.

So what kind of concert goer are you?

Mostly a’s – Funk, R&B Concert-Goer
*You enjoy the funky sounds of Prince and the smooth vocals of Brain McKnight.
*What do you need to wear to such a concert? Pull the best out of your closet. You know the artist you are going to see will probably change four or five times.
*What are your pre-concert plans? Your clothes will match your pre-concert agenda. Enjoy some fine dining at a restaurant close to the concert venue.
*What are your post-concert plans? Grab a drink at a trendy club, or finish the night with at home with a movie.
*What’s the next Funk, R&B concert you can attend in East Lansing? Black Eye Peas, November 8, in the Breslin Center. Tickets are available through the Wharton Center and Ticketmaster.

Mostly b’s – Radio Rock Concert Goer
*You enjoy the sing-along melodies of Maroon 5, Third Eye Blind and the Goo Goo Dolls.
*What do you need to wear to such a concert? Make your fellow concert go-ers chuckle with your funny-phrase shirt from Urban Outfitters or Abercrombie and Fitch. Pair that with jeans and you’re good to go.
*What are your pre-concert plans? Gather up the pals and blast the tunes. Make sure everyone on the road knows where you’re headed as you bob-your head, and sing along with your mix CD of live and unreleased songs.
*What are your post-concert plans? You may have to sit in traffic for a while before you can get out of your concert venue’s parking lot, but don’t worry, you haven’t worn out that just-for-tonight mix CD yet.
*What’s the next Radio Rock concert you can attend in East Lansing? Motion City Soundtrack, November 19, in the Erickson Kiva. Tickets are available at Flat, Black and Circular and The University Activities Board Office.

Mostly c’s – Pop Music Concert Goer
*You enjoy the sweet sounds of N’Sync, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.
*What do you wear to such a concert? Your new sparkly shirt or nice polo, of course. You never know, you could meet the band.
*What are your pre-concert plans? Make sure the performer knows exactly how you feel about them by making a poster proclaiming your love for them.
*What are your post-concert plans? It’s late, and you’re pretty tired from all that loud singing and hard-core dancing. You need to rest.
*What’s the next Pop concert you can attend near East Lansing? Ryan Cabrera November 6 at Clutch Cargo’s. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Mostly d’s – Country Music Concert Goer
*You enjoy the country crooning of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill.
*What do you wear to such a concert? Your broken in cowboy hat and well loved line dancing boots.
*What are your pre-concert plans? Get all the pals together for a nice dinner at the local steak house.
*What are your post-concert plans? Take the back roads home, don’t worry about getting the pick-up dirty, so you can listen to all the best songs that were played that night.
*What’s the next Country concert you can attend in East Lansing? Martina McBride December 12, in the Breslin Center. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Mostly e’s – The Classic Rock concert goer
*You enjoy listening to your dad’s old Allman Brothers and Stevie Ray Vaughn records.
*What do you wear to such a concert? Show your patriotic pride with your favorite American flag piece of clothing, be it hat, pants or shoes.
*What are your pre-concert plans? Take a joy ride on the new motorcycle, toss your hair to the wind, but don’t spit into it.
*What are your post-concert plans? Grab a drink at the local tavern with the new friends you met next to you at the concert.
*What’s the next Classic Rock concert you can attend in East Lansing? Bob Dylan November 9 in the Breslin Center. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

Mostly f’s – The Emo Concert Goer
*You enjoy the underground sounds of Blood Brothers, Cursive, and Say Anything.
*What do you wear to such a concert? Show your love for you band by wearing the shirt you bought at their last concert.
*What are your pre-concert plans? Since the only truly cool place for an emo concert is in a dark alley or remote area, you’ll probably spend lots of time before the concert wandering around with your friends looking for the concert’s location.
*What are your post-concert plans? Heading home and writing in your online journal about how emotionally connected to the concert you were.
*What’s the next Emo concert you can attend in East Lansing? Umphrey’s McGee November 5 in the International Center. This is a free concert.

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