What do you want to be when you grow up? It’s a question kids hear their whole lives, but the scary thing is that soon students at MSU will be “grown up,” then it’s on to the “real world,” which inevitably means having to get a real job.[it]
Your job can be your life’s passion, or some boring 9-5. To avoid the fate of Peter Gibbons (the cubicle slave from Office Space, in case you forgot), the key is determining what you really want to do with the rest of your life. Easier said than done, right? Luckily, MSU students are fortunate enough to be on a campus that contains a Career Services and Placement (CSP) program. In terms of career services, “MSU is about as well-equipped as any place in the country,” Executive Director Kelley Bishop said.
Career Services and Placement encompasses a vast amount of assistance, from career advising to help landing a job. The goal of the CSP is to aid students in making the best possible first step out of college, Bishop said. CSP will help you get directed to things you want to do, then do everything possible to help you achieve it. “We help students make sense of their educational experience and leverage that into something that is meaningful to them,” Bishop said.
If a student isn’t sure what to follow, the CSP can help in finding careers that relate to the student’s interests. There is career exploration available in several forms, including self-assessment tests to determine what type of job suits you, a career class, resources to research professions and assistance in finding career- related experience. “This is about deciding what you want to do and pursuing it,” Bishop said.
Lesley Galarneau was a no-preference student for her first two years at MSU. She didn’t know what she wanted to major in, much less what kind of job she wanted in the future. Now she is a hospitality business junior who wants to go into event planning – a decision, she said, CSP helped her reach
The services don’t stop there, although some may say setting concrete goals is the hardest, yet most important, step in the process. CSP also have the resources to help you prepare for your job search and secure a job. Staff can assist with resume writing, how to write a cover letter, mock interviews, salary negotiation advice and job search strategies, to name a few. In addition, skills workshops and employer panels are available to students.
CSP also promotes networking opportunities for students by bringing employers to campus in the form of career fairs and interviews. Services are on hand to find internships that will help students prepare for their chosen professions. Furthermore, CSP provides help to students seeking a grad school and tips on how to maximize applications and the chance of acceptance.
CSP is a service that you won’t find anywhere for free once you leave college and is something that many graduated students realize they need, Bishop said. The good thing is that you have access to CSP now and for one year after you graduate. For more information about the Career Services and Placement or to schedule an advising appointment, visit http://www.csp.msu.edu .

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