Those chilly Sundays can get a little boring and monotonous hanging around East Lansing all day. This Sunday, why not take a drive into Lansing to Old Town for the First Sunday Gallery Walk?
For over 20 years, on every first Sunday of the month, gallery owners in Old Town, Lansing, and Okemos open their doors to showcase their new collections.
Old Town, located just north of the capitol, is a particularly hot spot for a variety of artists, galleries, and people situated closely together. Spider, owner of Spiderhouse Market and Antique explained the event as “an art gallery crawl.”
Absolute Gallery owner Kathy Holcomb said people who have never been to a First Sunday Gallery Walk should come because, she said, there is something for everyone. “Every first Sunday we do something different,” she said. “I like to shake things up.”
[art]Each gallery has a different ambience that lets the walkers enjoy something new as they go from place to place, with plenty of cafes along the way to keep people fed and refreshed. Most of the galleries provide free snacks and treats as well. It is also a great opportunity to socialize and meet the artists.
Robert Busby, owner of Creole Gallery estimates 50 to 300 people show up for the walks depending on the weather and other circumstances. Busby said the atmosphere is very relaxed and inviting for everyone.
“Some people come dressed up from church, but there are some people who are riding their bicycles in sandals,” he said.
Holcomb said she hopes students will take an interest in Old Town. She believes it will appeal to them because it’s a free event and something to do on a Sunday. “It shows art galleries are approachable,” she said. “A lot of work is available on a student’s budget.”
For the next walk on November 7, the Creole Gallery will be continuing to show a collection by Rosemary Kavanagh O’Carroll called “A Peace of Cloth.” Her work compares a contemporary portrayal of Joan of Arc to the women and children in Afghanistan.
“She always works with a theme, which I like,” said Busby. “She is a very talented artist.”
Over at the Spiderhouse Market and Antiques, an exhibit entitled “Los Dias de la Muertos” celebrates the Day of the Dead. Spider said he likes to work with local artists and new artists.
“Everyone needs to get started somewhere,” he said.
One artist who got her start in Old Town is Meg Breiter. Breiter has worked on her art professionally for twenty years and will be showing a fantasy artwork collection at the Absolute Gallery beginning at the November 7 walk. She used graphite on paper and board to create her intricately detailed pictures.
“It is unbelievable. I can’t imagine how she can do what she does,” Holcomb remarked.
Chad Bennett,a local artist and a regular to Old Town, said he thinks that people should check out First Sunday Gallery Walk just to find out what is going on artistically.
“Some funky things happen down in Old Town,” he said.

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