Last Saturday, most people in East Lansing sat with racing hearts and clenched fists in front of their televisions. For four-and-a-half grueling hours, Spartan fans were riding an emotional roller coaster through the rivalry game against U of M. Fans watched as the Spartans lost a 17-point lead and spun into triple overtime, finally ending in a disappointing loss for MSU.
To top it all off, golden quarterback Drew Stanton was injured late in the second quarter, smothering a new found confidence Spartans had gained after watching his stellar performance against Minnesota. All along the banks of the Red Cedar, students’ shouts for MSU to put some vim into their fight were heard loud and clear.
[um] But for the East Lansing students that actually got a chance to be at the football bloodbath, it wasn’t always green and white they were cheering on. In short, the U of M is more difficult to get into than MSU, and it’s only natural that some hard-core Wolverine fans end up at their second choice school, MSU. This leaves such students torn between cheering for their “first love” or their “current fling”, a dilemma felt by engineering freshman and Ann Arbor native Andrew Zawisza. “I was kind of scared, but I changed over and went as an MSU fan,” Zawisza said. “People gave me dirty looks and talked smack like ‘fuck MSU’ and ‘State sucks’.”
The ridicule didn’t change Zawisza’s colors, though, and the game even seemed to seal his loyalty to MSU. “Before the game I was going to be happy either way with whoever won,” Zawisza said. “But then when State got up big and blew it, it made me hate Michigan.”
Other fans just can’t seem to end their devotion to the maize and blue, no matter how long they’ve been at MSU. “I’ve been a Michigan fan all of my life,” said mathematics junior Dan Sikora. “Born and raised, ’til the day I die.” Sikora plans to transfer to U of M after fall semester.
Seeing as Saturday was the 97th game between the two schools, the clash between fans was as heated as ever. There was even reported rioting by Michigan students outside the stadium, with fire included, during the first three quarters when the game looked like it was going to be a blow-out in favor of State. Yet Spartan fans do not go without blame for the hostile environment. “I saw four or five State guys pick out two Michigan guys and try to start a fight,” Michigan engineering freshman Alex Muhs said. “They were in a crowd of blue and gold and obviously weren’t going to accomplish anything.”
With such high emotions running in Saturday’s game, it’s clear that MSU students really felt for their team. But in the background, blending in with every other body painted blue and gold, are the “closet Michigan fans” that masquerade as Spartans to get by without harassment. Sooner or later they’ll come around. After all, yellow and blue make green.

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