As much as I love singing in the shower, I wanted more. My aspirations to take my love for singing above and beyond the soapy corridors, more commonly known as community showers, led me to start a new co-ed a cappella group on campus.
I went about finding singers through friends, by posting messages online and posting a few flyers around campus. Auditions were held, and our group was complete with ten dedicated singers with fabulous voices. But. with our debut at Accapalooza, the annual gathering of a cappella groups from around the state, only two weeks away, we had a lot of work to do.
First we needed a name and claim to fame. How did we want to present ourselves? Should we be goofy like the Spartan Dischords or be a class act like Capital Green. Or should we be a mixed bag like the Accafellas?
[harmony]Practices did not go without disagreements about these issues. The newly-dubbed State of Harmony was perpetually in a state of distress as we prepared for our one-song cameo.
I sought the advice of someone who was no stranger to the scene, Capital Green member, John Russell. He told me that “to establish a group that will stay together you need to have group unity. If you have a lot of bickering and infighting amongst each other, you’ll never get anything done.”
Luckily, as junior and State of Harmony group member Lisa Levick said, “Each one of us is extremely committed.”
Is our commitment enough to establish ourselves amongst MSU’s talented a cappella groups? I’ll admit it: I’m nervous. I wonder what the audience will think of us. I wonder if we’ll be able to pull it off. We have put so much work into preparing, practicing five days a week. But will our hard work translate to a great performance on stage?
Russell gave me his advice about what we need to entertain an audience. “First music—because that’s what they’re there for.” Secondly, he said the audience is also there to be entertained. “Some people want to see you goof off a bit, while others want to sit back and listen to you.” Both groups will need to be played to.
Of course, as devoted as we are to our Accapallooza performance, there is life after our debut. So what does the future hold for our group? Member Lora Duschene articulated our next move. “I’d like to find our niche among the other a cappella groups on campus,” she said.
But before we start dreaming of the future, we must first prove ourselves worthy.
Will State of Harmony knock the socks off the ‘pallooza audience? Get to the show and decide for yourself. Accapalooza, which is hosted this year by the Accafellas, takes place November 5th and 6th at 8 pm both nights. State of Harmony will be opening for the Accafellas, Capital Green, Ladies First, The Spartan Dischords, and guests, U of M Dicks & Janes, The U of M Sopranos, and EMU’s No U-Turn. Tickets are available at the Wharton Center Box Office: or call 1-800-WHARTON.

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