College students know that mid-way through the semester bank accounts are dropping faster than the leaves on the trees, and there isn’t much extra cash to spend on a Halloween costume for one of the year’s biggest party nights.
[mold]For girls, this lack of funds usually leads to pulling out the same pair of sparkly mesh wings from last year and going out as an angel/butterfly/fairy…again. For guys, it’s never a certainty if they will dress up, but often times “costumes” consist of wearing whatever jersey they can come up with to be a football/basketball/hockey player. How original.
This year, it’s time for something new: break out of the mold, get creative, and think of limited funds as a challenge, not an obstacle. Campus is filled with ideas, inspiration and opportunities to dazzle other students with a fantastic orginal costume or even a new twist on an old favorite.
Feeling patriotic this election year? Break out a blue work shirt and tie a red bandanna around your head a la Rosie the Riveter. Walking around with flexed biceps is optional, but if ya got ’em, flaunt ’em.
Guys and girls alike can take advantage of the classic college costume: the bed-sheet toga. Simply grab a white sheet, a few safety pins and start wrapping. Strategic tacking of the fabric allows for tons of creativity and flexibility in showing off that god or goddess-like body. Top it off with some laurels and sandals for the perfect “Animal House” look.
Traditional is also a fun way to go. Cut off some old pants and fray a shirt, add a bandanna or scarf and a parrot on your shoulder for that pirate look. Add “Arrrr” at the beginning of every sentence and address everyone “Matey”; it will surely make the evening more interesting.
“Student have been flocking in more and more over the past few days,” said Sheila Lett, Assistant Manager at Gags & Gifts in the Frandor Shopping Center. “We’ve seen a lot of them going to the pirate accessories this year.” Lett’s store carries all the necessary pirate gear so students can accessorize with an inexpensive eye-patch or hook to help achieve the true spirit of the costume.
This holiday weekend, embrace the inner nerd. It was never cool to be a dork, until Halloween that is. A pair of argyle socks peeking out from pants pulled up too high and held into place by a pair of suspenders creates the base for the look. Add a pair of glasses with a piece of tape wrapped around the bridge and some pencils in the pocket of a plaid button-down shirt to complete the ensemble.
Nostalgia never goes out of style when it’s trick-or-treating season. Dressing up in clothing from another era can be just as fun and easy as replicating any character. A little digging at Goodwill, Salvation Army, or even better, the basement, can yield a plethora of clothing from decades past. Girls, slip on some tight denim capris, a button down shirt tied at the waist and some cute heels to make a great 50’s look. Add a cardigan and a high pony tail to complete the costume. Guys, bust out Dad’s old power-blue leisure suit with pride and perfect your “Saturday Night Fever” strut. Better yet, show how much you love the 80’s with some neon colors (preferably sported on parachute pants, if available).
Sometimes getting creative means thinking inside, not outside, the box (or bag even). Local businesses are usually more than willing to give away old shipping boxes. A few different colors of poster paint and a little glue can create anything from a TV set to an aquarium or even a box of crayons. Similarly, trash bags can prove to have endless possibilities, at least for music graduate student Jessica Price.
“Two years ago I taped two brown trash bags together and painted them like an ‘M&M’ wrapper,” said Price. “I even made the little copyright symbol and everything.”
The ultimate in Halloween ease involves only a piece of poster board and a gift wrap bow or two (both readily available at any dollar store). First, dress up nicely and stick on the bow(s). Then cut the poster board into the shape of a gift tag. Address the tag “To: Men / Women” (depending on your own preferences), “From: God”; instantly you’re “God’s Gift” to fellow party-goers.
Whatever students decide to go as this Halloween, they should have fun with it. There’s nothing worse than being at a party with lame people who are “too cool” to dress up. So, to all the pirates, gifts from Gods, and chocolate candies out there: Happy Halloween!

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