George W. Bush and John Kerry are not the only ones busy in the last week. Just take a walk in the shoes of a member of any one of the political groups here at MSU. Members of Students for Bush, Students for Kerry, MSU College Republicans, or MSU College Democrats will eat, sleep, and live for their causes to make sure students vote for their candidate on November 2.[race]
Political theory senior and president of MSU College Democrats Randy Neice was able to give an insight to a typical pre-election day. “Tomorrow, I will go work at the State House of Representatives, go to class, send out some announcement e-mails and arrange our e-board meetings,” he said. “I will work on our GOTV field plan for the last three days before voting begins, then I am doing doors at Brody Complex from 6 to 9 p.m.”
Members of both Democrat and Republican groups on campus will be out canvassing dorms, handing out flyers, and calling potential student voters. Both Kerry and Bush activists want maximum visibility for their candidate and their cause.
“Lots of visibility is an issue,” said Jon Hoadley, social relations senior and contact for the Stonewall Democrats caucus of the MSU College Democrats. “We want lots of rainbow Kerry signs around campus.”
Katie Allardyce, political theory junior and chairman of Students for Bush, agreed with Hoadley: “It’s all about being visible on campus. It’s about passing out fliers telling what the president does, will, and can do for students.”
[repub] Members of the MSU Democrats are also doing a lot of work with phone banks. “We are accomplishing more and more every day by making thousands of phone calls to local residents, targeting those undecided voters who will decide this election,” James Madison freshman and Students for Kerry member Payal Ravani said. “We would like to contact as many students and other citizens in the Lansing area and help inform them on the issues that affect them the most.” Ravani, who is also an intern on the Kerry campaign in Michigan, said.
[dem] Some student groups have other creative projects planned for the last week before Election Day. Members of Students for Bush will be tailgating and passing out fliers at the MSU v. U of M football game on Saturday, October 30. The group plans on targeting fans there because it is a huge event with tons of Michigan voters.
With all of this campaigning going on it may seem like antagonistic feelings would run high between Democrat and Republican groups; however, this is not usually the case. “Students for Kerry isn’t doing anything to counterbalance the Republican groups on campus,” Ravani said. “Students for Kerry is devoted to helping elect John Kerry as the next President of the United States, and 100% of our efforts are concentrated on that one goal.”
Students for Bush takes on the same position as Students for Kerry with regards to counterbalancing the efforts of their opponents. “October 28 through November 2 is prime Bush time, “Allardyce said. “Students for Bush can’t be worried about what [Democratic groups] are doing. We are purely focused on re-electing our President.”
Surely students will view increased political fervor this week on campus due to the hard work of student political groups. Let the games begin and may the best candidate prevail.

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