A table of oozing, gooey guts, tombstones, high pitched screeches and… face paint and beaded necklaces? This may not sound like the killer Halloween party you were hoping to attend, but for the children and parents at University Housing, the Halloween Party held in the Wonders Kiva Sunday, October 31 from 6:00 p.m.- 9:00 p.m. is sure to be a devilishly good time.
Children who attend the Halloween Party will be tricked in the Haunted House and treated to a free show from the MSU Magicians Club. The night will also include a dangling apple contest, crafts with ghost suckers, masks, popcorn hands, face painting and beading necklaces. The Halloween Party will also feature a guts table where the children can feel, or even moonwalk, their way around.
[haunt] Lindsay Jolliff, secretary of Wonders Hall Government, is chairing the event for parents and children in University Housing, as well as other staff members and their children and families from the community. The group assembling the Halloween Party is expecting 100 to 150 children to attend.
“In past years we’ve had kids trick-or-treat in the dorms, but we’ve never done anything this big,” Jolliff, an elementary education junior said.
Many of MSU students volunteering their time to paint, scare, and craft with kids are excited at the opportunity to work with children, who they rarely see on campus. Students who want to volunteer will also have ample time to go out with their friends afterward, Jolliff said.
“I love working with kids,” Rebecca Wood, an education sophomore said. “Since [Halloween]is a Sunday night I wasn’t planning on going out anyway.”
The children from University Housing are planning on going out and will fill the Wonders Kiva with shrieks of delight Sunday night. Students wanting to volunteer can e-mail Jolliff at jolliffl@msu.edu. Wonders Hall students can also pass out candy to children visiting their dorm Sunday night beginning at 6:00 p.m.

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