“I really would rather see political discourse in the tradition of Thomas Jefferson…You’ve got one point of view on the world and how we should govern. Somebody else has another one. Let’s have a vigorous, healthy debate about those issues.”
Sounds like a pretty powerful political speech, doesn’t it? Take a wild stab at who said it, Kerry? Bush? Nader? Nope, Affleck, Ben Affleck…good, old ‘Fleck of Bennifer fame.
[Jenny] It seems that every celebrity out there is trying to get in on the political action these days. I just don’t get it. Is it because they have such a love for democracy? Or, because they know their voice means more to the masses than that of the actual candidate? I wish I could say yes, maybe I’m just cynical and disillusioned, but I think it’s entirely selfish.
I think ‘Fleck just likes to see his shining face on the screen. To the celebrities who dabble in politics, I really just think they see it as just another way to get a little free face-time with their adoring (and paying) public. What better way to get press than to attach yourself to a presidential candidate?
And it’s not just ‘Fleck joining the political foray. Drew Barrymore directed an entire documentary about voting and Sean “P.Diddy” Combs has been featured on a series of MTV commercials.
So, why Kerry? Why do most celebrities – the Baldwin brothers, Whoopi Goldberg and Susan Sarandon, to name a few – cheer for the Donkey? Does the Elephant not get them enough press? You would think that, seeing as President Bush’s tax cuts benefit the top one percent, celebs would flock towards the Republican Party, but this is rarely the case. Besides the occasional anomaly, like Drew Carey, most tend to vote Democratic.
If you dig a little deeper, it becomes pretty clear why celebrities not only get into the political ring, but seem to overwhelmingly choose one side.
It all comes down to the dollar…and the millions more celebrities stand to make when a Democrat is in office. Republicans are notoriously harder on freedom of speech laws, making it a pain for writers, producers and actors in Hollywood to pass their dribble onto the public. When it comes to bills supporting stricter guidelines for ratings, Republicans tend to pass it while Democrats vote it down. Joe Hollywood would rather have lax guidelines, so he supports the Dems.
In fact, the T.V./movie/music Industry is one of the top contributors to both the Dems and Kerry with a total of $5,721,169 to the Democratic Party and $2,978,300 to the Kerry campaign. And you thought it was because they were so liberal. When it really comes down to it, it’s because they’re greedy little bastards.
Of course, the flip-side to this is that, as much as celebs like to behave like higher beings, they are citizens with the same right to voice their opinion. The problem with this is that they’re not being listened to because of their knowledge or credentials, but because they’re famous. And that’s where I see the major flaw.
But, with a sigh, I must admit that at least they’re getting people to vote. However selfish their reasoning, if the only thing dragging Val the Voter to the booth is the thought that dreamy ‘Fleck told her to, I guess it’s better than nothing. Whatever it takes to get people voting.

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