The Life: Rx program is offered by Olin Health Center’s health education department and is available to MSU students, faculty and staff who want to find out how fit they are compared to others of the same sex, age and height. It helps people figure out what areas of fitness they need work on so they can adjust their fitness programs to correct those weaknesses.
[liferx] Life: Rx is an hour-long evaluation where participants perform a series of fitness tests. These tests include measuring the distance participants can reach past their feet, counting the number of sit-ups and push-ups they can do in a minute, determining heart rate while on a stationary bike and getting their blood drawn.
After the data is collected, the results are entered into a computer which generates a personal profile for the participant. The profile shows the results of the participant’s blood cholesterol, blood pressure, percent body fate, heart rate, flexibility, lung volume, muscular endurance, strength and aerobic capacity evaluation relative to their sex, age, and height. From the results and talking with the participant, staff members can advise students about lifestyle changes as well as help students develop an individualized fitness plan.
“The Life: Rx program is important because when students leave high school, they are not as active and live in the residence halls where they eat more and exercise less,” said Jonathan Kermiet, director of the Life: Rx program.
Some students are unsure about whether they would participate in the program. Geri Bushey, a no preference student, said that only fit people would join the program, but does not know how she would compare to other people.
Melissa Root, a kinesiology intern, said that the program is an important wake-up call for those who join. “Many students think they are invincible and this program shows people that what they do to keep healthy really does matter,” Root said.
The Life: Rx program is offered at no cost to students as part of their three yearly free visits to Olin. The only cost would be a laboratory fee if students choose to get a blood test.
“Sure, I would join and participate in the program,” said Kelly Loy, a pre-nursing sophomore. “I used to be really active before entering MSU, and I think this program would motivate myself into exercising more.”
For more information on Life: Rx or to set up an appointment, call Olin Health Center at 517-353-4660.

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