[wharton2] The Wharton Center introduced a new act recently that neither sings nor dances. The popular theater known for bringing a variety of theatrical and musical performances received a new executive director, Mike Brand, who brought with him new ideas about student tickets.
Like the old adage “out with the old, in with the new”, such is Wharton’s student ticket pricing policy. Wharton used to offer tickets for $10 a piece for limited seating during a one-day-only student sale. These tickets were sold for the last two rows of the balcony, approximately 142 seats. This has changed, however, with the addition of Brand, and he hopes this change will be good. In order to make discounted tickets available to more of the student body, the old student ticket policy was revised.
Bob Hoffman, in charge of public relations for the Wharton Center, said the Brand felt the new policy would allow for more students to enjoy the rich culture that is special to big universities such as MSU. This new policy allows for student tickets to be sold for all rows with the exception of the top selling seats – this lets almost six times as many students to receive the discount.
The new pricing policy is $15 to any performance in the Michigan Radio Wildcard Series and $25 to any Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday performances of the Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Broadway at Wharton Center Series. MSU students can purchase up to two tickets to each attraction and non-MSU students can purchase one ticket. This new pricing policy became effective August 21st.
Hoffman was excited about the new policy. He hopes it will positively affect student sales and hopes students will take advantage of this great opportunity. Brand also made a statement on the new policy in the Wharton Center’s announcement.
[prices] The new director stated: “We are thrilled to be able to offer this special discount to students. Wharton Center is a showcase for live theatre, and what better way to help students experience this wonder than by offering a great new incentive. This aggressive student ticketing program will, no doubt, inspire future actors, producers, and dancers as they experience the joys of live performance and contemplate their future with the arts.”[wharton]
Stefanie Westra, an English sophomore, said that though she hasn’t taken advantage of the old policy she believes this is a change for the better. “I think it is a good idea to make it available to students who are interested in the arts. Tickets may not be as cheap but they are still a quarter of the price of Broadway shows in New York.”
Wharton has a spectacular line up for the next year including Chicago (Nov. 2 – 7), The Producers (Dec. 7 – 12), Movin’ Out (Feb. 1-6) and The Lion King (January of 2006).
For more information contact Bob Hoffman at the Wharton Center (517) 353-1982 or check the Wharton Center out online at www.whartoncenter.com.

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