[moore] With the race for the presidential election heating to a boiling point, John Kerry supporters are offered yet another nail in the coffin for good old George W., Michael Moore’s most recent release: “Will They Ever Trust Us Again: Letters From the War Zone,” offers the American people an almost unheard of opinion from a very important sect of the population. The book is composed entirely of letters to Michael Moore, the best selling author and award winning documentary filmmaker, from the men and women who served, are serving and will serve in Iraq.[trust]
Taking a break from his usual scathingly satirical pieces on current American politics, Moore turns to an emotionally provocative angle in “Will They Ever Trust Us Again”. In fact, he only offers his own opinions in a brief introduction that mostly sticks to an explanatory tone, as he describes the thoughts and work that went into creating this collection. Granted, through the editorial process he was able to include only the compositions he thought were appropriate for the subject, but the letters themselves remain largely unedited. These are the true words of real people fighting a real war. It is in these words that readers can find extremely accessible explanations in simple terms of the horrors and tribulations an American G.I. faces on a daily basis.
The book is divided into four sections: “Letters From Iraq (Currently in Iraq, Already Served in Iraq, or on Their Way), Letters From Our Troops Around the World, Letters From Veterans (of Past Wars), and Letters From Home (From Family and Friends of Troops)”.
Each section is more poignant than the next. The beginning segment tenders real attitudes from troops in Iraq that skip the usual flowery language riddled by euphemisms that the press and the current administration lean on. The letters are easy to understand and thus impart a new reality of current life in Iraq for those who will never be there.
Apart from being informative, the letters in “Will They Ever Trust Us Again” are also tremendously touching. This portion especially gives an individual humanity to something that often seems like a massive machine.
The authors of the letters tell of serving in incredibly adverse conditions, while feeling underequipped, overworked and often times undertrained. They complain of not knowing exactly why they are there and what they are doing to help the Iraqi people.
One soldier even said that George Bush “doesn’t give a shit whether I live or die.” These are very strong words from a very important part of the war on terror. American soldiers are disillusioned, and many Americans have no idea.
The second and third sections of Moore’s latest release display the correspondence of soldiers abroad as well as veterans of previous wars. These entries are slightly more objective, but remain in sync with the common tone of the book.
The body of the composition is rounded out by letters to Michael Moore from the families and friends of soldiers in Iraq and abroad. These gut wrenching letters lend a tangible face to the war in Iraq, allowing readers a window into their lives of constant fear and anxiety.
Overall, Moore’s newest effort adheres to his usual liberal message, but instead of spewing Anti-Bush statistics from his democratic soapbox, he presents everyday common opinions on the war in Iraq and the current administration from those who are living the reality.
“Will They Ever Trust Us Again: Letters From the War Zone,” was released in hardcover in Oct, 2004, and can be purchased in bookstores nationwide.

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