Most classes rarely require more exercise than carrying a book. So how can you stay in shape while earning that 4.0? Check out the variety of kinesiology classes MSU has to offer, including basketball, tennis, bowling, general condition, swimming, aerobics, volleyball, ice skating, gymnastics and diving, to name a few.
If you think these are just blow off classes, think again. In order to pass, a student must attend 80% of the classes. Some students even major in kinesiology. Graduate student LaShonda King is working on her master’s degree in kinesiology because of her love for sports. On top of her studies, she also teaches basketball, bowling and general conditioning courses.
“Students take classes like basketball and general conditioning for the exercise, but classes like bowling, which do not require physical fitness are taken for the easy one credit,” King said. “I highly recommend that my students exercise every day or every other day of the week, since my class only meets twice a week.”
Sophomore Ashley McDaniel is currently taking Tae Kwon Do. “Even though I’m only taking it for the credit, I still enjoy the class and I like to teach myself by doing all the activities and circuits properly,” McDaniel said. Although she said she hates the required class uniforms, the class gives her a form of exercise that is unique and fun.
Students have a busy schedule but exercise can help relieve some of the stress of classes. McDaniel said she does not workout outside of class and did not workout before she began taking the class.
“Exercising gives me a sense of energy and also helps me clear my mind,” McDaniel said. “If I can workout and have that relax me of my stressful day, then I’ll keep doing it, and I’ll keep taking the KIN classes.”
Out of 50 students surveyed, over half had taken a KIN class. When asked why they took it, 13 said it was an easy credit, another 12 just wanted to have fun, and 13 others said they enrolled to get exercise.
There are other, cheaper, ways to get exercise than paying the university per credit, though. Akers, Brody, Case, Holden, Holmes, Hubbard, Mason, Snyder, McDonel, Shaw, Wilson and Wonders halls all have exercise facilities located in the building. Some of the surveyed students said that they have used them before and prefer to use them because of their convenient location. On the other hand, some students say the equipment is old and outdated. Many female students surveyed complained the facilities aren’t very appealing because many only have weights.
Three IM buildings located throughout campus offer workout facilities at a low price, and boast a wider variety of equipment than most dorms. IM West charges $3 a day or $60 a semester to use their facilities. IM East and IM Circle only cost $1 a day, because they each have a smaller variety of equipment. The semester pass for IM East and IM Circle are $23.
Taking a class requires students to stick to a schedule, leaving less room for excuses. But when you compare the prices for a one credit class to the cost of a semester pass, students enrolled in kinesiology courses are truly getting a run for their money.

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